The Best Leg Exercises

An example of the best leg exercises around. these will guarantee grow your legs.

Growing and shaping our legs isn’t always easy… well not for most of us anyway. If you’re like me than you were cursed with genetically small legs. Before I started working out, my thighs were about the same size as my calves. Despite my natural upper body definition, my legs were an anchor holding down my advancements in improving my body to its highest level of muscularity.

    I used to think that any leg exercise would help grow my legs… but little did I know that there are only a few that really make a difference in your progress. So I’m going to make a list of those exercises that will really help your legs grow.

    Squats: Good old fashioned barbell Squats really put a burn to your quads. This exercise also helps your upper body as well. People used to say that if all you ever did was squat, than your whole body would grow with your legs. Barbell squats is one of the best leg exercises and one of my favorites.

    Leg Extensions: Leg extensions really help develop the lower thigh. (Right Above you knee) The trick is doing them right. It’s true that heavy weights build muscle, but if you go too heavy you may not get your form right. Make sure that your legs get fully extended and straight out, and then slow on the way down. This will add great definition to your legs.

    Straight-legged Dead lift: This is in my top five favorite exercises hands down and my heaviest too. This exercise is great for your Hamstrings (The back of your thigh) and your back. Nothing says, “Put you back into it,” like a dead lift! There is a lot of debate about this exercise, particularly how it should be done. Either on a block or flat on the floor, with a slight bend in the legs or not, but this is up to you I believe, do what feels best to you so you don’t get hurt.

    Standing calf raises: Doing your calf rises on a standing machine will help grow and shape your calf muscles while keeping good form all at once. You can also do this on a seated machine that hits a different part of the calf muscle. You should be able to do this with more weight than your body weight; your calves are very strong muscles.

    I stand by all of these exercises. Try these in your next work out, and see how they feel. Like I always add in workout articles, check them out on to see how they are preformed. If you get hurt you can’t train at all.

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