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Hair is your crowning glory, you must keep it healthy. Not only women, but men also do all sorts of things to make their hair look beautiful. There are men who love to grow long hair, and there are women who like to trim their hair very short. These easy to follow hair care tips will certainly assure you healthy hair.

Irrespective of our cast, creed, sex and race, you all want to look good. It is not possible for human beings to remain eternally young, but when you take care of yourself, you may look younger than you actually are.  Color and thickness of your hair can easily tell the story of your age. When you take care of your hair, you can change people’s perception.

The first and foremost thing you have to remember is that you have to trim your hair, once in a month if you have long hair, and twice in a month if your hair is short. Never use products that have ammonia, and always use hair serums that have UV protection. Apparently, good nutrition is the major factor for having healthy hair. So drink as much water as you can, and eat balanced diet.

What your hair needs


Water makes up one-fourth of the weight of a hair strand and it is key ingredient for keeling your hair silky and shiny. Make sure to drink at least eight glasses (two liters) of water daily.


Protein strengthens the hair shaft thus reducing the possibilities of hair splitting and breaking. Fish, meat, milk, eggs, cheese, nuts, and cereals are good source of protein.


Vitamin A benefits the skin and scalp, where as vitamin B and C strengthen strands promote blood circulation on the scalp, hair growth and color. Fruit, vegetables, cereals, eggs, milk, bread are good for your hair. Vitamin E is very important for your hair.


Iron helps carry oxygen to the hair. Red meat and dark green vegetables are good source of iron. Zinc not only builds hair protein, but also prevents hair loss. Zinc is found abundantly in sea food and meat. Copper helps hair pigmentation and optimizes natural hair color. Shellfish, liver, fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds and meat are good source of minerals.

Home remedy for healthy hair

Peel an apple and then mash it to make paste. Chop an orange and squeeze the juice. Mix orange juice and apple paste thoroughly. Now apply this mixture on your hair. Wash with plain water after fifteen minutes. Follow this method once in a week, and in few weeks time you will have lustrous hair.

Massage scalp and hair roots with coconut oil once in week. You can also use olive oil instead of coconut oil. Oil massage will make your hair root strong and ensure bold circulation on your scalp.

Mix two table spoon of coconut or olive oil with yellow part of egg. Apply this paste thoroughly in your hair and wash with plain water after 30 minutes. This is good organic conditioner for your hair.

These few easy to follow tips will surely help you assure healthy hair.

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  1. Excellent tips. I try to eat as healthy as I can and from all the 4 groups. I start my breakfast with a glass of orange juice, cup of coffee and either oatmeal or egg whites and slice of toasted wheat bread and cup of yogurt. I’ve been eating less carbs and more protein. I take Vitamin A, B-complex, C and E plus a Centrum multi-vitamin. I do need to drink more than 1 liter of water though

  2. Good to know this , apple and orange not only for eating it can make my hair beautiful ! I’ll give it a try !

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  4. Very informative share! Keep it up!

  5. Very informative share! Keep it up!

  6. yes, to have a protein rich food is very important..thanx for this informative share..

  7. Very good suggestions. I used to have VERY long hair and keeping it looking healthy was a feat. For women prenatal vitamins are very good for hair and nails, and similar to your oil and eggs mixture, mayonnaise works very well to make it shiny and healthier looking.

  8. @ogee77
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  9. I agree with your thought dude. I am already in my 50s my hair is already changing its color from black to white - yes I am applying dye on them but I am not satisfied because after couple of months they turned to white again. hehehe. Good article.

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  15. Very Useful Article for my hair,

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  17. Very well written article. My sister-in-law has a hair stylist shop and what you are saying is so very true. Like the natural conditioner you wrote about. My sister-in-law says going as natural as possible is the way to healthy hair.

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  19. I usually have an oil massage but I would love to try the apple-orange one!

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  21. lovely. When I’ve finished taking up all your tips, I’ll have the healthiest hair in the whole world.
    Great job, my friend.

  22. hello sheila, you do have nice hair.

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  25. Thanks for posting this useful article. Really need these hair care tips.

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  28. Very informative with helpful suggestions.
    This article might be helpful for people who suffer from Hypothyroidism… some people with this disease, lose alot of hair and the scalp is extremely dry… for some.
    Thanks, for this wonderful article:)

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  30. Great tips… I’ve got to give it a try. Thank you ^_^

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  32. Interesting tips. I think I’ll try olive oil.

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