How to React to Bad News?

Some news can make you drop on your knees and if you are old man your heart can stop… Can you help it?

Bad news will always show up in your life and when you expect them the least. Death and financial trouble are the worst of all news. Just by reading that your friend will never talk to you again can make you drop on your knees for several days, maybe even months. Of course there are also news of treason, betrayal, and many other ugly things.

1. News of death are the most feared ones. See that person you loved so much being buried much before he deserved and this will make you open your eyes to see how small your life is and just by mere luck you are still breathing and how easy it could be you in that black hole..

2. News of loss of wealth or money. The bank just collapsed? No problem, today you have more experience than ever, you gathered knowledge in all your long years and you are ready to start all over again with an all or nothing attitude that you would never have if you didn’t lose all that money. Maybe there was a “reason” for you to lose that money. Can you hear the Universe calling for you to act more with your analytical mind and make a serious plan to start it all over again? Round 2 is beginning!

3. News of betrayal! The dreadful ones. Lovers betray you. Friends betray you. And family… no comment. Love betray is the hardest to digest. The easiest way is just to forgive… and forget. Maybe that lover was between you and a much better one standing right in the corner? Do the same with friends. No bad thoughts or feelings, just forgive them forget them.

4. News of a new enemy or competitor are tough ones. You start to fear for your financial future, you start to have all kinds of bad thoughts, you even have trouble sleeping. The best way to fight it is to research the market even better to see how your competitors cannot approach them, then make your best move.

The list could be much longer. Finish it yourself.

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  1. Excellent article. And yes, you did mention death and finances. Death is the worse. And finances are also a cause for worry as well. thanks for sharing:)

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