How to Relieve Stress?!

A brief how to on relieving yourself of your hard earned stress.

Sometimes after a long day at work, school, day-care, or rehab in my moms case you can be overwhelmed by a overpowering feeling of stress. It can slow you down, make you want to go to bed, make you want to cry yourself to sleep, or watch Pokemon episodes… It is perfectly normal to have stress and most people are affected by stress everyday but how do you get rid of it?

1. Think of something else, Dont look blankly at a wall thinking about how much things you have to do for school or work, get preoccupied have fun doing something else.

2. Avoid things you know will only cause stress towards you. This may seam simple but you probably do this everyday, something that will not do anything for you other than cause pain and stress.

3.Finish or do the things that are causing your stress. Homework? Do it! Planning a meeting or making a sale for work? Do it! Get these things out of the way and move on rather than dwelling on how long or boring it will be.

4. Finally, talk to somebody about it. Expressing your problems to somebody else even if they dont care about you or dont care about yur problems can be a selfish but very relieving thing to do during your day. One great way to do this is by posting on Facebook about your problems or Google Plus possibly.

Well I hope i helped this knowledge is from all of my past experiences and what helped me, Thanks for reading :)

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