Six Principles to Live by

We all seek ways of self improvement. But do you want to be a better person for you? Here are six tips to help you become more positive about yourself.

Most of us strive to be the best we can be. Many of us will bust a gut to reach a goal or fulfill a dream. But are we doing it for ourselves or for someone else? 

A better you will always benefit the number one person in your life: That is you! 

So in order to kick start you on your way to becoming a better person, there are six key principles to live by.

1. Do not worry when you are doing your very best.

You should accept no less from yourself. But also nobody has the right to demand no more. All you can do is do anything to the best of your ability. Yes, there is room for improvement perhaps in areas, BUT demand this yourself. Do not let anyone else mock you or insult you. 

2. Do not hurry! Remember that success depends on accuracy.

Good planning and hard work leads to prosperity. Plan everything to the best of your ability. Try not to cut corners. Be warned - hasty shortcuts can lead to poverty!

3. Do not form conclusions until you have all the facts.

Remember that everyone you meet in life will have unmet needs. They may also have unhealed wounds and unfulfilled hopes and dreams. If you want people to evaluate you by your best qualities, rather than your worst, always treat and respect others as you would expect them to treat you.

4. Do not believe a thing is impossible without trying it.

Think to yourself you will have a go. Do not allow others to beat you down or laugh at your plans. God helps those that help themselves. Remember no one has the right to mock a trier in life. Learn to exercise patience and encourage faith in yourself. Always remain confident in your ability.

5. Do not waste your time on trivial matters.

How many times have we wasted energy and precious time worrying over matters that in reality do not hinder our selves in moving forwards in life? We all have. In order to put first things first, you must ask yourself, “What is it that only I can do, or do best?”

Only when you have answered that simple question will you truly know what you should do next.

6. Do not think that good intentions are an acceptable excuse for doing nothing.

There are people that “talk the talk” and those that “walk the walk“. Be one of those people that say it with actions, not just words. Examine your life carefully first. Are you a “talker” or a “doer?”

If you want to do a good deed, do not just say it. Carry it out. If you are overweight and wish to change your diet and start to exercise, do not sit back and say you will tomorrow. Start now!

If you need to get your finances in order and make cut-backs, then fear not reducing your shopping bill or buying a cheaper suit or pair of shoes. Prioritize and do it!

If you wish to get an unhappy relationship back on track with your partner, do not just agree to make plans to make it better - do it!

Remember that it is all up to you. It is your life. Faith by itself, if it does not have real substance and mechanic, is actually dead…

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  1. These are great rules and all are possible….

  2. Simple but true facts you mentioned here. But the problem is we still ought to live according to them. It’s like we take on problems ourselves and then cry about it. Nice article.

  3. This article has spoken directly to my conscience! I must and will always follow these principles about life!

  4. writing is very good and beneficial to share :)

  5. Well written…Thanks for sharing:)

  6. Good post, just do it so true

  7. good principles. #5 I need to work on

  8. True, when we take care od ourselves we can serve others better as well. Good advice.

  9. Good work thank you for sharing.

  10. Very positive and reinforcing. That last line sounds like St. Paul.

  11. Great advice. Well-written and inspiring.

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