A Valuable and Priceless Asset

Good health should be regarded as the most valuable and priceless asset that we should all have and enjoy.

Good health should be regarded as the most valuable and priceless asset that we should all have and enjoy. To squander even a fraction of our normal health is to cause the rest of it to deteriorate, since our organs are interdependent. We are considered healthy when all the parts of our body function properly, and there is no reason to think that our life expectancy is less than normal.  When we are not sick, we are generally considered to be healthy. Good health depends on certain conditions. These include proper food and care for babies, both before and after they are born; proper diet for persons of all ages, medical and dental care when needed; the right amount of sleep and exercise, proper clothing and good posture.

Maintaining good health is an important matter, both for the individual and for the community (any group of people living together). It is important that people, belonging to any community, should work together in certain respects, to keep all of its members healthy, for the reason that disease can spread from one person to another. The way this is done is by focusing on sanitation and keeping everything clean; by education or teaching individual members of the community to maintain good health through proper hygiene.

There are those that are solely involved in the accumulation of money and other assets, sidetracked by the lure of wealth and property, to the exclusion of overlooking the delicate nature of their mental and physical makeup. Money is important insofar as being able to defray expenses that are needed to buy costly medications, in order to alleviate any adverse effects of bad health.

We can spread our money around in diverse investments, so that in the event a particular investment does not work in line with our expectation, other areas of our investment may offset the loss sustained in the failed investment. On the other hand, investment in our health and welfare cannot be diversified like money, since the malfunction of any particular organ may affect other parts of our body.  A damaged heart may cause damage to other organs. As an example, smoking can cause cancer and can also cause heart disease. An excessive intake of alcohol can eventually affect the liver and, in turn, affect the normal function of the digestive system altogether.

Many a time, we are liable to do things that run contrary to what our body demands. This happens more frequently with those that are younger. Also, improper diet and lack of exercise can contribute to problems that can become more severe, as time goes by.

In order to enjoy life that is precious, we must focus our attention on matters of hygiene. The word comes from the name of the ancient Greek goddess of health, Hygeia. Cleanliness is essential because it helps to keep us free from disease-carrying germs. The hands should be washed before every meal.  It is important to bathe regularly. The hair should be washed regularly and brushed everyday. The nails of the toes and hands should be trimmed and clean.

To stay healthy we must get enough rest. When we are well-rested, we can do things much better and more cheerfully during the day.  Eating the right foods ( not over-eating) can provide us the energy for growth and development.

In conclusion, if we are truly health-conscious, we should somehow find the time, as well as exercise our willpower to do what is necessary in order to maintain normal health.

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