Lose Weight and Keep Them Off Five

Ever tried diet meals, or getting up at five in the morning just to take a jog? Well, be honest with yourself, diet meals cost hundreds of dollars per week, and who can really wake up five in the morning everyday? I will tell you 50 little tricks you can do daily to stay fit.

39: Singing: Go to a church and sing. ( I sincerely apologize for any religios offence. Non was meant) (70 calories)

40: Bacon exchange: Trade 2 sausage for 3 bacons. Soak up the oil on the bacon. (90 calories)

41: Sports game: Get up and start walkign around during half time. (50 calories)

42: Movie: Big cups of popcorn will just let you eat without control. Buy small ones, avoid the butter, and add minimal amount of salt.

43: Chinese food: Egg roles or spring rolls, say no the its outer crispy shell. Just eat the filling. (400 calories)

44: Games: Spent half an hour of your time to play with the kids. Great for your kids and yourself. (90 calories)

45: Cheesy: Ask for less cheese on your pizza when you pick up your phone to order next time. (100 calories)

46: Hot dog: Add pickles, onion, or even vegetables on to your hot dog for more fibre and fill more fulfilled.            (250 calories)

47: Alcohol: Beer or wine over a cocktail anyday. More importantly, red wine is good for your heart. Just don’t overdrink or becoem alcoholic. (150 calories)

48: Fries: Onion rings have less fat then fries. (60 calories)

49: Smoothy: A strawberry smoothie is better than a strawberry cake. Plus, a smoothie doesn’t melt. (125 calories)

50: Love: Lock your doors and put on the do-not-disturb sign. Make love, have fun, enjoy yourself. It’s way better than a late-night ice cream (300 calories)

So there is the 50 simple ways to lose weight and keep it off. The amount of calories burned will differ from peope to people, and some ways might not work for some people. Exercise regularly, eat healthy and have a balance diet.

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