Lose Weight and Keep Them Off One

Ever tried diet meals, or getting up at five in the morning just to take a jog? Well, be honest with yourself, diet meals cost hundreds of dollars per week, and who can really wake up five in the morning everyday? I will tell you 50 little tricks you can do daily to stay fit.

1: Waking up - get up slowly without your hand; straighten your leg and bent your body. Feel the tightness in your hamstring and back. Hold it, then use your abs to lie back down and rest. Repeat*2 (10 calories)

2: Be fibre: Get rid of those Honey Nut and train something more whole grain. Add some oats to it. Limit the amount of honey you put in. (100 calories)

3: Protein: Study shows that a filled breakfast WILL  make you feel less hungry through the day. After you whole grain cereal, how about a boiled egg or fat-free cheese sticks (the ones your kids have). Fill up your tummy to escape from the cheesecake you have at 10:15. (150 calories)

4: Brush your teeth: Stand on one leg while you brush, and switch legs every 30 second. Good for your muscle and your brain. (10 calories)

5: Brew your coffee: While your coffee is brewing, stand side ways, put one hand on the counter, and life up your outer leg. Hold it for a few second, then switch legs. Repeat 5 to 10 times. (10 calories)

6: Fat-free milk: Add fat free milk and aspartame (the ones in diet coke) to your coffee. (50 calories)

7: Bagel free: A bagel with margarine or butter is almost 500 calaries. Switch to a waffle and add honey. Sweet, delicious, little fat. (200 calories)

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