Lose Weight and Keep Them Off Two

Ever tried diet meals, or getting up at five in the morning just to take a jog? Well, be honest with yourself, diet meals cost hundreds of dollars per week, and who can really wake up five in the morning everyday? I will tell you 50 little tricks you can do daily to stay fit.

8: Traffic Jam exercise: Tighten up your hamstring while you step on the break. On a heavy traffic, you can do it 10 to 15 times. (10 calories)

9: Little by little: Don’t buy a XL bags of chips. Get the little pouches of cookies. Study shows that little pouches will make you it less, because we are just too lazy to open another one. Buy bakes chips if you really love them.   (100 calories)

10: Apple: Full of water and fibre, an apple also keeps weight far far far away. Studies in the states shows that people who ate 3 pears or apples loses weight. So throw away your chips and try an apple instead.                      (100 calories)

11: Keep it light: Keep your shirt light and comfy. Syudy shows comfortable close helps you lose more calories. If your dress code is strict, change when you are at work. (25 calories)

12: Telephone: Walk around while you are on the phones. Overwieght people sit 2 1/2 hours more than people who are fit. (50 calories)

13: Wall sit: Do a wall sit without a wall. Dont move your knees forward. Just hold it for 3 seconds, and repeat 15~20 times. (15 calories)

14: Coke: Change your coke or juice to diet or soda drink. Go check the calories on coke right now: it’s 160.          (300 calories)

15: Sandwich: say goodbye to the sandwich and try a pita today. It’s sort of like a taco, but healthier.(70 calories)

16: Sending forms: Nowadays, we all use email. Scan it, send, done. Pick a couple far colleagues and walk to them to give them the forms. Take the stairs, not the elevator. (100 calories)

17: Push up: Not a real one ( you can if you want). Lean against the wall and do them. (10 calories)

18: Sit and Bent: Sit up straight, and brign up your knees to your chest. Burn your abs. (10 calories)

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