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10 Healthy Juice Recipes – extremely tasty, simple, and easy-to-make healthy juice recipes with common fruits available. These juicing recipes are absolutely free and more are recipes are updated frequently. All the Juicing recipes in this article are healthy juice recipes and I can guarantee that these healthy juices will change the way you live.

Healthy Juice recipes.

Those who are aware of the health benefits of juices, they understand what healthy juice recipes can do to their family. Helathy juice recipes will revitalize your body and mind and clense your body from different types of ailments. No, Helathy juice recipes are not a medicine (However many programs are available which include usage of fruit and vegetable uses) but should be used as a supplement. In order to maximize the benefits of the juice you are making, it is important to get fruits and vegetables fresh. Here is a great article on Tips to select fresh fruits and vegetables. And if you want to see what are the important minarals that your body needs, you can check this article on natural vitamin sources for your diet. For more reliable sources on Juice recipes check this link. If you like the article and download a copy of these recipes plus nutritional info for common fruits and vegetables plus some excellent juicer recomendations, download this ebook called 12 most healthy juice recipes to transform your world. Also, if you like this article, I have written a book on “how to use your android device” which is getting great reviews and lot of people are saying it was helpful for them. Make sure you check them out.

Healthy Juice Recipe 1. The Body Cleanser healthy juice recipe

Use 3 parts apple 1 part ginger and 3 parts carrot. The main benefits of this healthy juice include revitalization of the body, good for cold and glowing skin. Beauticians usually prescribe this juice because of its extremely good effects on the skin. But the benefits are not limited to the skin. This is one of the most healthy juice recipes. It has a cleansing and boosting effect to the whole body. Here is an article on health benefits of apple.

Healthy Juice Recipe 2. The Cholesterol Buster healthy juice recipe

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  1. Yum

  2. Are we to assume that the rest of the drinks were all done in equal parts if not specified….it’s like saying a cake only takes a few things…like water, flower, vanilla and eggs…Have at it..

  3. I do not use fruit juices due to the high sugar content. I find that it is much better to take a vitamin pill with a glass of tepid water, at least until sugar free varieties of fruit are made available in my area. If you shop diligently you can find sugar free vitamin pills and water is naturally sugar free. Be sure to use tap water, as bottled water is known to contain feces and cancer-causing products.

  4. You missed the point – if you drink these every day, you will live at least 100 years – guaranteed!

  5. Terry, I think the juice for you would be the vitamin juice to strengthen body immunity.

  6. @Love my life : Thanks dude
    @Autumn: The measure is different for different people. If there is nothing for the cook to experiment with, then you will not get full satisfaction. Try it out, it will be fun. ;)
    @Healthy man: Thats one way of viewing at things. But if you try you can find fruits without any adulteration. I trust things given by nature more than man made pills.
    @Floridian: Thanks for covering me :)
    @Terry Wagar: I will apply for one day leave and go through your story and give feedback :) .
    @Terry: LOL

  7. Hi Bob,
    Thanks for the comments. While making Juices, there is no strict way to combine ingredients. All the fun lies in a little bit of experimenting. But i will take that as an input and will follow that in my future posts.

  8. so i’m confused on how to make these…just put the fruit in a juicer or blender? do you add ice to it??

  9. Hi Nadia,
    You can add ice to it. No issues. As i said earlier, do a little bit of experimenting with it.

  10. Wow half of those drinks are fake… you suck… wow

    Jordan Martini’s articles are the best

  11. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your feedback :) . You can also provide Jordan Martini’s article for our readers so that they will also benefit from it.

  12. Yum…and beautiful pictures, Jaison.

  13. Thanks Valli. Got inspiration from your article about colors.

  14. am i missing something here? the article did say recipe, correct? there are exactly 0 recipes in this article. do i use 16 pounds of carrots and a gram of banana? please tell me there is someone else out there who finds this article so close, yet so far away. to be honest im kind of pissed

  15. Hey Zee, I found this article very interesting. I mean do you want others to spoon feed you with all the minutest details so that you can do something. Use your brain for a change. :) . If your common sense (i know its not such common a sense) allows you to put 16 pounds of carrots and one gram of banana, go ahead and do it. Grow up.

  16. Hi Zee, I will try to update the document with more details and upload soon.

  17. Loved the great info here, the pictures are *super. Makes you want to try them all. Good job!

  18. Thanks Francie

  19. Hi. what a great article. My uncle
    believed in juices, he lived a long,
    long time. Thanks for the great pictures
    and excellent information.

  20. Thanks Quite voice

  21. Just wanted to update you guys that i have updated my blog

  22. Very educatting and interesting site

  23. Thanks Nanpan

  24. Hey Jaison, I think the info here is great, quantities or not. I got the point

  25. Where do you buy the “super breath” glass?

  26. Thanks Cyndi. Sparky, i dont have a clue. Try searching in e-bay

  27. am i missing something here? the article did say recipe, correct? there are exactly 0 recipes in this article. do i use 16 pounds of carrots and a gram of banana? please tell me there is someone else out there who finds this article so close, yet so far away. to be honest im kind of pissed Well fellow I scanned the thing and I gotta day its probably far away. I’ll help you out and say a bag of carrots and an apple and a small piece of ginger makes a good recipe. So much filler and not much else.

  28. Some people are difficult to please. :)

  29. Thank you for being so nice helpful in sharing your knowledge in topics that have a healthy implication and good living to all ages and genders.

  30. Thanks Lawrence. Glad to know that the info was of some help.

  31. Interesting. The recipes make total sense to me. They’re just scalable depending on how much juice you want to make. Anyway…always a good reminder to drink (or eat) more fruit.

  32. Thanks Amy. Guys, i have updated some articles in my blog ( Hope you will like some of those.

  33. I’m looking for recipes to help my mother in law who is fighting cancer. I like your way of dividng up the recipe (1 part this, 2 parts that). It will make shopping easy. 7

  34. Hi Teacher,

    Thanks for the comments. I am no expert. But my friend(who is a doc) always say that fresh fruits and vegetables have fiber fights cancer.

    Food item—–Fiber content in grams*
    Split peas, cooked, 1 cup 16.3
    Red kidney beans, boiled, 1 cup 13.1
    Raspberries, raw, 1 cup 8.0
    Whole-wheat spaghetti, 1 cup 6.3
    Oat bran muffin, medium 5.2
    Pear, medium with skin 5.1
    Broccoli, boiled, 1 cup 5.1
    Apple, medium with skin 4.4
    Oatmeal, quick, regular or instant, cooked, 1 cup 4.0
    Green beans, cooked, 1 cup 4.0
    Brown rice, cooked, 1 cup 3.5
    Popcorn, air-popped, 2 cups 2.3
    Whole-wheat bread, one slice 1.9
    *Fiber content can vary between brands.
    Source: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, 2007

  35. Well since my juicer and blender went on the fritz, I take the recipes and put all the fruit and vegetables in my mouth at once and chew and swallow, just the same, I like these recipes, good for me. I eat fruits and vegetables every day. I like this sort of stuff, great job.

  36. TOns of good info.

  37. Wow !
    I loved it! I am a daily juicer and this will definitely be added to my recipes.Thank you so very much!

  38. Hi all!

    I would like to mention that what ever the juice you take, if that is without sugar and ice that would be very healthy. Take juice every day.

  39. I can’t wait to start juicing the recipes look deliciou

  40. @teacher
    Sorry to hear about your mother in law. Please get in touch with me
    I have a software program with over 100 healthy juice recipes, I am making it free to cancer patients and clinics. Drop me an email:

  41. I really enjoyed reading your article. It was very insightful and usefull information. I would like to include a post in my blog about these drinks. Do you think it would be ok, if I list three of your drinks and then provide a link to the original article if they wish to continue reading more about your recipes? My blog is the following:

    Please leave me a comment and let me know.

    Thank you for the amazing article

  42. I was looking around for recipes for my new juicer and these look and sound yummy~~~

  43. just bumped into your page…. I really never leave comments on sites, but your recipes are delicious and your writing is well put together… I read thru the comments and I like the fact that u were very proffesional in responding to the negative comments… This is free information yet people still complain… if not good enough for u, keep looking elsewhere… Will def check out your blog, and keep up the good work!

  44. This is great…..big juicy Thanks to you!!!! I have tried all but the “Super Cooler”, haven’t searched for the bitter gourd yet. I have even forwarded this page for others looking for no-nonsense recipes. Keep up the good work. I’ll be back.

  45. Finally something helpful…Can’t wait 2 try this thanxxxx!!! :D

  46. Hiya, these look great! I was just wondering, I don’t have a juicer, can I use a blender? or do I absolutely need a juicer? Thank you!


  48. Thanks so much for the great recipes! I think the people who are spazzing out and freaking out over how much of this or that they should use, should just start drinking juice immediately! They need to start replenishing their brains more so than their bodies.

    Perhaps you can come up with some “Brain Boosting” juice recipes for them. Are there any “Common Sense”, “Relax and Stop Being Uptight”, or ” Stop Complaining & Enjoy Life More” recipes you can come up with for them?
    haha ;o)

    Again, thanks Jaison!

  49. I was thrilled to find such an informative juicing website.
    The Juice combinations are Delicious! It’s great to find such variety on a FREE website.
    Thank you.

  50. These recipes are just what I was looking for! Thank you so much for the info! I am a first time juicer and I have enjoyed the recipes that I have tried so far! My cousin has a wedding coming up and my skin has been acting up so I plan on using some of the recipes to help inprove skin! Thanks again!

  51. Question: Are you using a juicer for all of these drinks? Or are you using a juicer for some and a blender for others?

  52. Some interesting combinations that sound like they would taste great and if someone needs detailed by the gram recipes they need more help than juices will provide.

    Then of course you can take any of these made with a juicer, put the juice in a blender with ice and milk (soy milk ugh) and make a smoothie out of them. Add some flax for omega-3…the possibilities are endless (powdered whey), use your imagination.

  53. This site was wonderful!
    We’re going to go buy these ingredients soon as we’re back from vacation
    Can’t wait to try them :]
    And the server for this website is located in Israel
    Flagfox surprised me with where site servers are sometimes x]
    Anyway, all of you enjoy the drinks!

  54. how do you juice instructions for the juicer said not to use bananas

  55. wow…shocked at the stupidity of some people….while I too would find it helpful to have more specific amounts of the veggies/fruits, I am intelligent enough to figure out that I should experiment! I would anyway…I love to cook and one thing that I have found is that one adjusts even the most meticulously made recipes. Therefore, it stands to reason that one would take the suggestions made for the amounts and experiment! DUH!! I figured that out even before the comments!
    Just a quick question: with ingredients like cucumber and celery, should we just put those things directly into the blender with the juices? I don’t have a juicer (may put one on my wedding/bridal shower registry) so blender is all I got. What about putting the whole fruits (i.e. cut up apple, carrot, etc.) into the blender without juicing? Just an idea! (I’m gonna try it!)
    Good article! Will use these as I am looking to get healthier!

  56. what are people using for blenders and juicers? i’ve heard that the vitamix blender and champion juicer are the best, but they’re so expensive! i’ve got an old acme centrifugal juicer that i bought on ebay, but it hates juicing greens and everything comes out really foamy. also, i bought a used vitamix on emay, but the motor conked out after only two weeks. any suggestions for cheaper appliances that blend and juice well? thanks!

  57. Found this info which is helpful for 1st time juicers or people who find guidelines helpful. Juicing is like tossing a salad together, mixing & matching fruits & vegetables. The following items provide a nice list of ingredients based on individual servings (Fruits & Vegetables) that can be mixed & matched to suit your own taste. This is obviously a guideline, NOT a recipe so you can tinker with amounts as you learn what you like.

    Apple: 1 whole
    Apricots: 2 whole
    Blueberries: 1 cup (5 ounces)
    Honeydew: 1/4 whole
    Lemon: 1/4 whole
    Lime: ¼ lime (used with watermelon & raspberry); ½ lime (papaya & orange)
    Nectarine: 1 whole
    Orange: 1 whole
    Papaya: 1 small (14 ounces)
    Pear: 1 whole
    Pineapple: 1/4 whole
    Raspberries: 1 cup (5 ounces)
    Strawberries: 1 cup (5 ounces)
    Tomatoes: 2 medium (1 pound)
    Watermelon: 2 cups chunks (12 ounces)

    Beets: 2 whole (1 1/4 pounds)
    Cabbage: 1/4 head (10 ounces)
    Carrots: 2 whole
    Celery: 1 stalk (for juice with cabbage & cucumber) or 2 stalks (with tomato & lemon OR with apple & fennel)
    Cucumber: 1/2 whole (with tomato & carrot) or 1 whole (with cabbage & celery)
    Fennel: 1/2 bulb
    Ginger: 1/2-inch piece
    Kale: 1/2 bunch (about 6 leaves)
    Mint: 1/4 cup packed leaves
    Parsley: 1 cup packed leaves and stems
    Parsnips: 4 whole (1 1/2 pounds)

  58. One thing I am happy for is that you say what each drink is for. This is very important because this is the main reason I wanted to start juicing. However i didn’t want to just start juicing without knowing what the juice is good for. Thanks a bunch.


  59. add more juice recipes

  60. i was looking for healthy juicing recipes not that type of juices it will add more fat to much fruits cause it have natural sugar

  61. You are using my image without asking and breaking flickr terms. Why not just ask?

  62. I am sorry Bashed. I got most of these images from a chain mail. I am sorry if i violated flicker terms. I will take off the image if you want. Please let me know which image you are talking about.

  63. are they any good? I mean taste good?

  64. Hi Guys, thanks for the comments. Just wanted to let you know that my latest article on how to stay young has been published.
    10 Sureshot Ways to Retain or Regain Youthful Look

  65. I have never left a comment before, however…I am very PLEASED with what you have done!!!!! Please post more!!!! The pic are even better. Gives people like me an idea what it should look like, hahahhah. Good job! keep it up. And don\’t pay attention to the foolishness of others out there. Thank you! ;)

  66. Superb article. I can use a few of these drinks.

  67. Thanks for publishing this for free.

  68. Thanks for the recipes. Ill try a few. Most have too many fruits and not enough vegetables. I would never add milk to a fruit juice unless it was soy or rice milk.
    In addition, no juice is “known” to fight cancer. Oh, and banana isnt recommended for blood pressure because of salt content but because it has potassium. Id suggest a *bit* more research.

  69. Hey, I noticed that there are still so many people that are worried about the sugar content of fruit. I have lived both with juicing and without (for the same reason of sugar), and when the fruit is completely raw and taken on an empty stomach (like early in the day), the sugar does NOT cause weight gain; in fact, the opposite is true. The natural fruit sugar is the kind that we were supposed to have in our diet before man perverted it. Any concerns regarding this topic, refer to the book “Fit For Life”.
    The most vibrant people in the world I have ever seen are major fruit consumers! Even the fruit juices out there that say “sugar-free” are really not. They should say “no sugar added”. They still have the fruit sugar in them. But I would steer clear of any store bought fruit juice, since they all are pasteurized to some extent, which then alters the sugar to the sugar that we DON”T want.

  70. To Healthy in Cleveland, not all of us like veggie juices the way you do,and certainly not many people are familiar with juicing them, but I bet if you added some of your yummy leafy greens to these recipes you may be happy. Not everyone looks at cows milk as the enemy to all mankind, either. I am thinking that since the recipe just said “milk” one can add the variety they enjoy.
    Also, there are NO KNOWN juices to fight cancer? Really? Tell that to thousands who have been fighting it for years with success this way. In fact, tell that to the author of “The PH Miracle” (Dr Young) and “Fit For Life”(Diamond) and Jack LaLane, for that matter. I guess I would suggest a bit more research to you, too.

  71. Hi Guys. I am just passing the information some of which i personally experienced and some which i got from my parents, grand parents and other elderly people. I don’t want you to blindly believe everything i say here. Give it a try and let other people know about your personal experience and suggestions through this comments section.
    I wish in the next generation, the information and knowledge will be free to everyone. I also wish big companies with vested interest will not twist the free information to confuse people from distinguishing right from wrong. That is what is happening right now.

  72. A nice lady called Sarah was kind enough to post some useful information on my other article ( comments section. I am just giving it here so that more people can make use of it.

    Hi Jaison,
    Here is some antiaging foods I just thought I will ADD.
    BEST PROTEIN SOURCES: Wild Alaskan salmon, halibut, trout, anchovies, sardines, poultry, yogurt, high EFA eggs, kefir, cottage cheese, tofu

    BEST FATS: Extra virgin olive oil, flax oil, flax seed, nuts (esp. almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and macadamia), pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds

    BEVERAGES: Spring water, green tea, white tea, black tea

    GRAINS: Buckwheat, whole oats, barley

    SPICES: Turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, oregano, basil, thyme, cayenne, (every spice and herb you can think of are stellar anti-aging foods)

  73. GOD BLESS YOU, your tips are excellant.thanks a lot for giving good tips and sugestions,i tried the starabery/banana combination it was excellant

  74. what bit of “one part ‘this, and two parts ‘that’” do you retards not understand?! these are good recipes, cheers jaison

  75. This might be a dumb question but when u say 2 part apple 2part carrot, 1 part tomato. Is that 2 apples, 2 carrots, 1tomato?

  76. Hi Chris,

    Yes, it is. Depending on how much juice you need, you can multiply it two fold or three fold or likewise.

    It all boils down to individual taste. So, do some trial runs to see what you like best and then stick to it.

  77. Omg dude who suggested vitamins!!!
    drinking fresh fruit juice that is juiced in a personal juicer….has only fructose sugars! that is totally good for you. Vitamins don’t provide the synthesized amino acids and other vital nutrients as beneficially as eating whole or juiced fruits and vegies!

    look it up.

    you were however correct about the tap water…much better for you

  78. I totally meant that to be for “Healthy Man’s” comment… way up top…like the third one..

  79. Hi Guys, check out this wonderful Magnolia cupcake recipe. This article on How to make Mangolia Cupcakes serves as a good guide to make mangolia cupcakes.

  80. Thanks for all your questions and support. Really appreciate all your help and support with new tips. I have started a new tech blog to introduce people to new internet technologies and tech trends. It will also give some useful internet tips. The blog is called Hope it will be useful

  81. Hey thanx a ton for this article.. it was indeed very useful and effective :) )))

  82. i find it interesting that alot of people are bashing this because of all the sugar…but if you look closly, alot of recipies dont ONLY have fruit, they have vegetables as well. really now, how much sugar does a celery and cucumber have? hardly any. i dont think the sugar content is a big deal. if you are diabetic, cut back on the fruits and put more vegetable…its a simple as that. getting vitamins straight from the food is better than popping a pill. im hypoglycemic and fruits help balance my blood sugar and stable it. LOVE FRUIT AND VEGGIES!!! WOOO

  83. oh, and im praying the super cooler does what it says….ive been having hot flashes like crazy lately, which sucks because #1, im only 20 (i have hormonal problems) and #2 its 95 degrees outside.

    but i can never thank you enough for these recipies, thank you! :D

  84. See the thing is the sugar in friut is NATURAL! it is not processed. Our bodies need sugar for enegry. There is nothing wrong with eating and drink a large amount of fruit.
    Some people are just so shaltered

  85. I loved the kind way you respond to the unkind!

  86. Thanks for the easy recipes. My 3 year old loves to help make juice and it’s a great way to teach her that eating fruits and vegetables is fun and tastes really good! I cannot wait to try them tomorrow.

  87. I saw this good Juice recipe. Wanted to share with you guys.

    * 1 cucumber
    * 1 green or red apple (green is less sweet, more tart)
    * 1-2 carrots
    * 3 stalks of celery
    * 1/2 head of romaine lettuce 1
    * 2 large dino or regular kale leaves
    * 1/4 to 1/2 ripe Hawaiian papaya (1/2 results in a sweeter juice)
    * 1 handful of cilantro or parsley (or both for deeper green juice)
    * 1 handful of fennel (stalk can be used too)
    * 1 green or red apple (green is less sweet more tart)
    * 1 head of romaine lettuce 1
    * Optional small slice of garlic and/or ginger
    * Optional Superfood like Vitamineral Green

    This is enough juice for 2-3 servings. It will yield between 30-40 ounces depending on the size of the veggies you use as well as the juicer. We juiced with the Green Star Juicer (a twin gear juicer), our first pick for a greens juicer.

    The Green Star Juicer will yeild the most juice and give you the highest quality juice of all our juicers. The only downside is that it takes more time to juice with a twin gear juicer than a centrifugal juicer, a bit more elbow grease, as well as clean up time. If you have the extra time to spend juicing, there’s no substitute for the Green Star Juicer.

    On the other hand, if you are someone that needs to juice and get out the door, you may want to consider a centrifugal juicer like the Breville Juice Fountain Elite. It does well on greens and is the most efficient and solid centrifugal green juicer we have ever used or sold. We sell more Juice Fountain Elite Juicers than any other juicer in our warehouse. Customer satisfaction is high on both juicers.

    One other thing to consider is the Green Star Juicer will juice wheatgrass where as the Juice Fountain Elite will not.

  88. I recently came across a good pineapple juice recipe.

    Pineapple Tangerine Lime Juicer Recipe

    Pineapple Tangerine Lime Juicer Recipe
    1 1/2 cups fresh pineapple (peeled and cut in chunks)
    2 -3 tangerines (peeled)
    1/4 lime (peeled if not organic)

    Process the pineapple, tangerine and lime through your juicer. Drink immediately.

    Enjoy this tasty tropical juice and boost your immunity to help you avoid congestion or sinus infections.

    You also help cleanse your internal organs when you drink fresh citrus juices.

  89. Thanks to Raghav and Justin for posting new recipes. But if you have copied it from other sites, please post a link to the site. By this we ensure that we give total credit to the author who actually wrote this recipe.

  90. Thanks for the wonderful and tasty juice recipes. I was looking for some juice recipes which i can have after my workout. I found this one really useful

    Red Ice

    1 tomato
    thin slice of Spanish onion
    1 garlic clove
    1 beet
    1 sweet potato
    2 apples
    1 lemon
    1/2 can of frozen apple concentrate

    Ice is crushed or blend with water till slush. Then juice is added and get ready to chill out. Cool down those forces of frustration. Be at peace in the storm. This drink is made to refresh your cells like the Spirit is made to refresh your soul. Sit back and consider your blessings. Look at what is with in. You are kind, loving, encouraging, full of hope and at peace. A sign that God is at work within.

    As per Jaison’s instruction, here is the source of the recipe. It was written by a person called Ron Lagerquist.

  91. I hope you walk with your head held up high because you should! Your site is very thoughtful and giving, know that you made a lot of people happy and well nourished. Go Jaison!

  92. Thanks iloveemet. Your comments encourage me to write more useful articles. Happy to know that i could be of help.

  93. My wife was diagnost with cancer and we are looking for the best cancer fighting recieps

  94. Hi Jim,
    I hope you are taking other treatments and just looking for a supportive diet here and not for a cure. I don’t know any such juice. But found these links in Google which helps fight cancer. Found this article on the net
    All credit for this article goes to Erin Dummert RD, CD and his article here.
    Make sure you drop in and give him a thank you message.
    1. Tomatoes

    Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, a plant chemical that has been shown to reduce the risk of prostate, ovarian, and cervical cancer. Tomato products, such as spaghetti sauce, tomato paste, and ketchup are particularly concentrated sources.
    2. Broccoli Sprouts

    Broccoli sprouts are an excellent source of sulforaphane, a plant chemical that may reduce the risk of stomach, breast, and skin cancer. While broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts are also great sources of sulforaphane, broccoli sprouts are especially potent.
    3. Berries

    Berries get their rich color from plant chemicals called anthocyanins. These compounds are potent antioxidants, and protect against a variety of cancers including colon and esophageal.

    For more information on the health benefits of berries see the following articles from TheDietChannel: Why You Should Be Eating Berries and The Goji Berry and Goji Juice.
    4. Soybeans

    Isoflavones present in soybeans and other soy foods (such as tofu, soy nuts, and soy milk) help to reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancer by protecting cells from the harmful effects of estrogen.
    5. Tea

    Green and black teas are natural sources of catechins, potent antioxidants that act as powerful inhibitors of cancer growth, and may reduce the risk of liver, skin, and stomach cancer. The NCI is currently studying green and black teas for their cancer fighting abilities.
    6. Pumpkin

    Pumpkin, along with carrots, squash, red and yellow peppers, and sweet potatoes, are excellent sources of beta carotene. Eaten regularly, these powerhouses help reduce the risk of many types of cancer through their potent antioxidant capacity.
    7. Spinach

    Spinach is known as the “gold standard” of green leafy vegetables. Packed with lutein and vitamin E, both powerful antioxidants, spinach helps ward off cancer of the liver, ovaries, colon, and prostate.
    8. Garlic

    Garlic has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer of the stomach, esophagus, and breast. Mince garlic 10 minutes before cooking to increase its cancer fighting potential.
    9. Pineapple

    Pineapple is a good source of the antioxidant vitamin C. In addition, it contains the enzyme bromelain, which may protect against breast and lung cancer.
    10. Apple

    In addition to their antioxidant benefits, apples contain the plant chemical quercetin, which has been shown to reduce lung cancer risk and slow the growth of prostate cancer cells.

    Each of these foods has been shown to impact cancer risk on their own. However, countless studies indicate a synergistic effect when eaten together, meaning that plant chemicals work together to produce a greater effect than if they were working alone. The best anti-cancer diet is rich in brightly colored fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, with an emphasis on the foods highlighted above.
    Sample Cancer Fighting Diet

    Follow this sample menu to incorporate the top 10 anti-cancer foods into your diet:

    Yogurt smoothie with mixed berries and soy milk

    Morning Snack
    Apple with peanut butter
    Green tea

    Spinach wrap with mandarin oranges and broccoli sprouts
    Cottage cheese and pineapple
    Tomato juice

    Baked wild salmon with caramelized onions and garlic
    Stewed tomatoes
    Pumpkin soup or baked sweet potato
    Black tea

  95. I hope this article and its comments were useful to you. I am happy to let you know that my latest article was published on Its about the 10 most useful firefox addons. Check this out. You will love it and if you didn’t please tell me how to improve.

  96. hi jaison!!!!!!!!!!!
    your recipes sounds interesting……
    but if do i need to put water????
    please reply because i need some recipes so that i can prepare a juice for our project………
    thank you………………..

  97. Hey Jason,

    I have been on your site for over 2 hours. You are a blessing to all that needs so much help.
    I have made a list of the recipes so I can go shopping in the morning and start juicing again!! yes again. feeding tube was not a way to go the hospital did not juice. I became so weak after my treatments that i must get back to juicing!!
    I feel so blessed to have been directed to your site. Please keep up the blessing.

    I have a message for those who are unable to figure out the parts of a recipe, please read read and read it again it’s right in front of you. Brush up on your common sense.

  98. I recently started juicing and already feel a lot better! I used to struggle with hypoglycemia A LOT! Now, by drinking fruit and vegetable juices that have natural sugars in them, I don’t have problems with blood sugar levels anymore. This site is just encouraging me more to continue on with it. Thanks. :)


  99. Thank you for the great recipes and all the info about their heath benefits. If you have any more please share them.

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  101. hello there,i just want to be sure,in juices that has banana,am i going to extract the juice frm the banana or i will put it on the blender?i am confuse…pls tell me ds is my 1st time to try ds recipes,tanx

  102. Baging, yes you will have to put it in the blender. there is no need to take out the banana juice separate.

  103. Hey thank you for the recipes. I will try (of course depending on their purpose) all these excellent fruit and vegetable juices.

  104. Jaison,

    What a great public service you provided with your recipes and continued communication with folks just starting to juice.

    Your coordinating a recipe with a photo of the drink is very beneficial — inspires us to achieve your same tasteful and healthy results.

    You’re the best -

    Mike, Lisa and Chiefy – our golden retriever, getting the benefits of “the pulp”

  105. Jaison, nice work, keep it going. One suggestion for the newbies to the juicing world here would be that you cant put banana’s in a regular juice machine, they are too soft, you really need to use a blender for a drink like the Pink Floyd, although you could use your juicer to juice the strawberries then put it in the blender with the bananas and milk. Cant wait to try some of the recipies here.

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  108. how much does it mean when it says 1 part

  109. The part thing is really getting people. It is very simple…. first recipe.Use 3 parts apple 1 part ginger and 3 parts carrot

    its parts so it can be whatever you want them to be.
    3oz apple 1 oz ginger 3 oz carrots
    3lbs apple 1lb ginger 3 pounds carrots
    30000lbs apple 10000lbs ginger 30000 lbs carrots
    3 nanograms apples 1 nanogram ginger 3 nanograms carrots

    All of these recipes make the same juice
    Just as long as you keep the proportion the same.

    O yea and thanks for the great recipes. I just got my juicer ;)

  110. its common sense you wouldnt use that many carrots and so little bananas !!! your just trying to be difficult, use your common sense and use the amount that YOU think you should use,

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    Thank you!!

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  116. There are those who think that five servings of french fries qualifies as their five servings of vegetables for the day. Many folks don’t eat the proper amount of fruits and veggies, so if they eat only a limited amount, then the ones they do eat should pack a real nutritional punch.

    The following lists can help add nutritional quality to your diet. I looked at variety and quantity of key vitamins and minerals, the amount of fiber, plus beta-carotene and phytochemicals — those non-nutritive components that have disease-fighting benefits. The description of nutritional benefits highlight their strengths, but this list is not all-inclusive.

    Top Five Fruits:

    Watermelon: Loads of vitamin C and carotenoids, good amount of fiber, and low in calories.
    Papaya: Loads of vitamin C and carotenoids, great source of potassium and fiber.
    Orange: Great vitamin C and folate, and plenty of fiber if you eat the whole fruit and not just the juice.
    Grapefruit (pink or red): Loads of vitamin C and carotenoids, good amount of fiber of the cholesterol lowering type, pectin, plus it contains phytochemicals such as flavonoids, terpenes, and limonoids.
    Apricots: They are brimming with beta-carotene, have loads of potassium and fiber, and contribute some vitamin C to the diet. Dried apricots don’t have the vitamin C, but are a good source of iron. Canned apricots have only half the vitamin C and beta- carotene as fresh.
    Top Five Vegetables:

    Spinach: Great source of beta-carotene, vitamin C, folate, iron, potassium, and calcium.
    Sweet Potatoes: Loads of potassium, vitamin C, beta-carotene, and fiber.
    Collard greens: Superb source of beta-carotene, member of the cruciferous family of vegetables, known for their cancer prevention power, loads of vitamin C and folate, good source of calcium and fiber.
    Carrots: Loads of beta-carotene, and fiber.
    Sweet Red Pepper: A great source of vitamin C, beta-carotene, and fiber.

  117. Hey thanks for all the information, i think this sight is very informative. I would like to add that you can go to any farm market and look at all the different veg and fruits, and know that if you can squeeze juice out of it, it will probably be good for you. Its not rocket science, yes you can use a blinder and if it is in liquid form it will be easy to digest for your system. Dont make a simple thing complicated. Also if you just are juicing you are not getting all the fiber that you need, so you want to eat the food too. thanks again…..

  118. @Comon Since. Thanks for the wonderful feedback. I really appreciate sharing your knowledge with our fellow readers.

  119. Wow! This post has actually inspired me to go buy a juicer. I especially liked the one that was kid friendly. I’m always trying to find ways to help my boys develop a sense of what’s good for them and what is not. This will make that road a lot easier to travel. :)

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  125. Healthy WHITE skin? WTF? Did someone hack this? Or, did I stumble across a white supremacist juice guide?

  126. I want to apologize for the mistake I have done ^^. I was just writing it from my point of view. I should have considered a wider audience. Thanks a lot for pointing this out. I have corrected it.

  127. I have submitted the fix. It will take some time for the page to get refreshed. Just for the records, the blackberry and kiwi juice and the carrot juice are equally good for all skin types no matter whether it is white skin or black skin or brown skin or red skin. :)

  128. i guess you don’t much about tap water

  129. Dear person two down (Autumn),
    man up and experiment, find out what suits you.
    you dont need need someone to tell you how much, just try and if it fails once or twice so what.
    like seriously your not a baby anymore..

  130. Hi can anyone tell me what is the best juicer out there on the Market? Some people have told me the Phillips hr 1861 is this a good one

  131. Do you know if you can combine green juices with whole fruits? I know people combine green juice with fruit juice or whole greens blended with whole fruits (i.e. green smoothies) but what about green juice with the whole fruits to avoid a sugar rush from the juiced fruit? Plus you get a little more fiber that way. Is this problematic to digestion? Thanks!

  132. These drinks might be healthy. But let me infrom you that it is never good to mix citrus fruits with normal fruits. It doesnt digest well. Or you can say: it isnt good for digestion. This combination causes a lot of discomforts which may not occur all the time, but atleast rarely. But if you just try to combine them with their own type, it will solve the problem.

    The next time you plan to make some juice, please combine the best with the best. I mean citrus fruits alone -OR- normal fruits alone. Dont mix both of them.
    CAUTION: Injurious To Health!

  133. Let me give you some good ideas!

    Mix 1 apple, 1 Beetruit and 3 CARROTS.
    This combo is good for health and skin. It is an instant energy-booster! (THIS IS A RECIPE FOR 1 PERSON. add amount for more number of people)

  134. Please give it a try kristen. It helps.

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    somebody please help me.

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  139. Not without changing your diet some. Juicing and eating the standard american diet (SAD) is minimal benefit at best. I am on the 2nd day of my juice fast and feel ok. Having some trouble with taste on some of the recipes hence me finding this site. I just want simple, easy and good tasting recipes while I do this.

  140. Dude…wtf? Fruit has sugar, it’s natural and good for you, get over it

  141. I tried the carrot apple and ginger WOW I was able to focus so well today!!! Thank you :)

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  145. “Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food”.

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  148. Sorry, I meant to add that these are the same recipes with proportions (or suggestions) for those of you complaining that it isn’t spelled out for you. ;)

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