3 Tips How to Eat Healthy in summer

Scorching heat, uneasiness, weariness, exhaustion is all the characteristics of summer season. The soaring temperature hampers your health and lifestyle.

And, main concentration becomes what to eat and what not as this determines whether your body will stay in shape or not. Also, overeating or consuming spicy food in excess will have adverse effects on your health. Your body loses on essential vitamins and minerals through sweat. This means you need to eat healthy foods in a healthy way to replenish lost energy.

3 Tips on Healthy Eating Ways

Whether it is yummy dessert ideas or grilled chicken, you need to make a wise choice. Unhealthily cooked food will ruin your health and make you weak and lethargic in heated summer. Given below are 3 tips that would guide you on healthy eating in this season.

1.       Keep Your Body Hydrated

Come summers and your thirst increases manifold. Water, soft drinks, ice tea and other cool drinks option take an important place in your daily eating schedule. But in order to quench your thirst, don’t consume excess of calorie rich alcohol and highly sweet beverages.

·        Water is a perfect choice for this purpose. It is neither calorie rich nor sweet but quenches your thirst more than any other liquid.

·        Refrain from making your iced tea or coffee a sweet drink. Limit the sugar and milk quantity in it.

·        Chilled margaritas, frozen iced drinks, smoothies or any of the likes are okay only in a limited quantity for once in a while but not as a part of your daily diet. These aerated or sugar rich drinks and smoothies etc. are rich in fat and calories.

·        Like any other thing, don’t consume excess of alcoholic drinks like vodka, rose or white wine and others. You can take it once in a while only. Rich in calories, these hard drinks are not a best way.

2.       Heading for a Barbeque Party?

If you are going out on a barbeque party then you need to keep a check on what you will gobble on.

·        When you get ready for the party, see to it that your stomach is not growling. At least, eat light snacks.

·        If possible start with green salad.

·        Want to have yummy dessert recipes? And eat one? Then know which berries are in season.

·        Select one between hamburgers and hot dogs and not both.

·        Avoid mayonnaise rich salads. Instead, eat salad having vinegar and oil.

·        Even ice creams can be enjoyed without any worries. But it needs to be in a limited quantity.

3.       Make Grill Your Cooking Companion

Grilling is said to be the best way to consume healthy food in summer. Plan your things and get started to gobble up your favorite food.

·        Make shrimp skewers and marinate in lemon and olive oil together with pieces of cherry tomatoes, peppers and onions.

·        Instead of beef, you can have fish steak covered in spices and bit of olive oil. The fish could be tuna, salmon or halibut.

·        If you want to savor the delicious crabs, grill it but avoid taking its fried counterpart served at restaurant.

·        Substitute hamburger with white meat or veggie burgers.

·        When you want to try tasting veggies, try olive oil tossed eggplant and zucchini together with Portobello mushrooms. Grill it and enjoy the tasty preparation.

·        Consume corn but without butter.

These are favorable and easy to apply health tips that can keep you fresh and healthy in summers. Opt for food wisely and stay fit in the hot season.

Ability to focus on important points and keen interest to know more about latest updates has made Abella Smith a writer. Her 4 year experience, knowledge and expertise on various topics have made her posts valuable and a gem to read.

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