50 fun and easy ways to burn calories!

Quick and easy ways to bump-start your new year’s keep fit plan

1. Walk into town, instead of getting the bus

2. Turn up the stereo and sing along really loud

3. Eat spicy food, the heat actually makes you burn off calories!

4. Dance

5. Drink a glass of cold water before you exercise, you burn up 100 extra calories warming up again

6. Turn the shower on cold for 20 seconds before you get out, that’s another 100 calories or so!

7. Stretch your muscles – toned muscles burn up more energy all the time, even when you’re not doing much

8. Watch a funny film, laughter tones up your stomach muscles and burns up energy

9. Eat celery, if you don’t like the taste of celery, dip it into sauce, watch it soak up, then have flavoured celery!

10. Play tag

11. Take some friends out to the park and have a kick about

12. Take the stairs

13. Have a romantic night in with you partner

14. Fidget!

15. Go to a gig

16. Go out on the town (just keep those drinks down)

17. Wash the car yourself

18. Do some gardening

19. Rake leaves

20. In the winter…. Shovel snow (or have a snowball fight)

21. Go for a quick swim

22. Try surfing

23. Vary your workout, stop your body getting used to it

24. Breathe through your nose, not your mouth, this regulates your heart rate and ups your endurance

25. Housework! Vaccuming and ironing burns up energy

26. Paint a room

27. Mow the lawn

28. Take a friend’s dog for a walk (or your own, if you’ve got one)

29. Play Frisbee

30. Go bowling

31. Exercise in the advert breaks while watching tv

32. Kiss somebody

33. Take a long phone call standing up

34. Stand on tip-toes while brushing your teeth

35. Wander around when you’re waiting

36. Stop emailing nearby people and go visit them

37. Loose the remote control and get up to channel flick

38. Be immature and play skipping games, jump on the bed, and be silly

39. Get enough sleep. A good night’s rest will help you burn 40% more

40. Clean the windows

41. Drink a glass of water before you eat a meal, you’ll eat less

42. Ride your bike instead of driving

43. Eat slowly, let your food go down, and you’ll eat less

44. Go punk and pogo about!

45. Stretch instead of using kick-stools, and squat instead of kneeling down

46. Fly a kite!

47. Go shopping (window shopping mind you, save your money!)

48. Drink lots of green tea, it ups your metabolism

49. Have a cup of coffee, cut the sugar and have low-fat milk and it will speed your metabolism and flush out your digestive system

50. When you walk, swing your arms, it helps the easy full-body work out!

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  1. thank you for the advice. ive beentrying to lose weight but i couldent do it. Youve helped me. Thank you !

  2. Careful there, you make it sound like fun!

  3. Very good stuff there. I like. Right now I am experimenting with tying weights to a strong vest and standing up all day and watching tv standing up.

  4. I tried singing loud and kinda woke my baby sis! Then i tried dancing madly, when the posteman came and saw me through the window and gave me a funny look! ….I dont think he was impressed! NOW im gonna go play frisbe and drink water and a grapefruit(also known to help speed up your motabolism!

  5. kewl!

  6. I’m gonna book mark this!!! It is exactly what i was looking for: Fun ways to lose a couple pounds.

  7. brilliant! lol

  8. Wow i love it :P much stuff i didnt know about

  9. omg this sounds like soooo much fun im gonna go try it right now!!!!

  10. im gona take a cold shower if it doesnt work im suwing

  11. I found this very funny. I do like most of this everyday haha its awesome.

  12. 100 calories for 1 cold shower? Nice try.

  13. wicked piece. will use some of your tips from now on.

  14. Good thoughts.

  15. Great advice! Number 16 made me giggle. I’m not sure whether I’m supposed to keep down the number of drinks I imbibe, or just ‘keep down’ what I’ve drunk! lol.

  16. Wow! Thanks so much! Now I finally have some help to shedding those extra 10 pounds!

  17. These are some really good tips . Thank you I will try them starting today.
    Everyone can loose a good 5-10 pounds :)
    Thanks Again
    Aldreaanna Sanchez

  18. never heard the spicy food one before. some good tips.

  19. thanx

  20. lol best thing is when u feel the erge to eat and arnt actually hungrey GRAB A PEICE OF SUGAR FREE GUM

  21. thanks, ill try it.

  22. Thank u so0o0o0o0o00o0o…..much im gonna try it as soon as i can cuz i reeeeeaaaallllyyy need to loose wieght!!! lol thanx again!!!!

  23. dude green tea also helps protect your immune system it’s pretty interesting what you can learn online right???

  24. Yeah…. these aren’t going to burn enough calories to lose weight. If you really want to lose weight there’s only the old fashion way if you want to keep it off… work out and eat right.

  25. I think the celery is prob the best tip here, i have heard that you burn more calories eating it than the celery contains, instead of chocolate, i should eat celery and take it to work and everytime i am offered a biscuit, or something naughty (which is frequently as we get lots of freebies) i should have a stick of celery, unfortunately i hate the stuff, i might give it a go for a couple of weeks though and see if i can loose a few pounds.

  26. Wow. Kissing? Cool ;)

  27. Some of these aren’t true. You don’t burn 100 calories for 20 seconds of cold shower water. Every 20 steps you burn about 1 calorie. Increase the number of steps you take per day. 1 pound = 3500 calories. Good luck :)

  28. Awesome!! Ive heard so much about taking freezing cold showers/baths that each degree you bring your body down means you burn another 100 or was it 200….lolz don’t member! Something like that!! I’ll try that next time I take a 30 min long hot shower, cold will leave hot water for other and help burn more.

  29. Great tips, I’ll keep them in mind. I like to get free diet plans online( and exercise on a daily basis. Exercise and healthy eating is a great way to maintain a healthy body.

  30. taking a cold shower deosnt burn 100 calories that is just dumb. When wrestlers and fighter drop weight they don’t go hop in a cold shower for a minute. They go and exercise.

  31. About the doubt regarding the shower issue, anything that brings your core temperature down and then you yourself moving to bring it back up will burn calories. I prefer to drink ice water to a cold shower or bath because, well, its easier and more comfortable. Don’t think you can stand under the warm water after the cold and still burn a lot of cals.

    Lately I’ve been dancing like an absolute idiot for 15min to a fast tempo playlist when I first wake up. It gets my heart pumping better than any cardio at the gym. And I mean crazy dancing, even my two year old gives me a funny look.

    It makes me think back to when I was a teenager and used to dance (for fun) everyday after school, in the morning, at parties with friends. I have a VERY under-active thyroid, and have since I was 11 but managed to stay slender through high school without medication. It’s kind of an experiment of mine to see if I can do that again.

  32. Omg I am so gonna try these tip they sound
    Really fun !!!!! :) oh an about the crazy dancing I tried it an it made my mom go coco !!!!:) she’ll live ;) thanx !!!!!

  33. Lol the dude saw me singing rally loud and ran away!!!
    Anyway thanx for the tips

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