Aerobic Exercise

Details about aerobic exercises.

Aerobic exercise is one of the best natural ways to keep your heart healthy. There are many different ways to exercise your heart. There are the obvious ways such as walking and running but there are other alternatives for certain situations. 

My favorite is cross country skiing. Obviously this is mostly a winter option but you can purchase rollar skis if you are really into it and would like to ski when there is no snow. Another alternative is when it is not a day to be outside and you want to still excursive. Pop on the t.v and jump rope for 15-30 minuets its fun and will get you breathing hard. 

Swimming is also another option the only problem is that you need a lap pool. Although swimming is one of the most affective for training. 

When training there are certain levels which you can set by using a heart rate monitor. 

these levels are

level 1 anywhere from 110-150 which is over distance pace

level 2 which is 151-165 which can get hard after a long time

level 3 which is 165-180 which is a pretty hard pace but can be kept up for a while

level 4 is 181-190 which is a race pace where it is very hard but you can deal with it for a little bit

level 5 is anything above 195 which is going all out you cant hold for very long at all

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