Benefits of Yoga

Yoga and exercises help us to stay fit and fine. not doing it regularly leads to sickness and illness.

yoga was introduced year before .It is being used to to keep a person fit. Doing it regularly leads to a fit person.there are many yogs positions that will help you stay fit.I am going to tell you some ofits benefits.

1-you remain stress free .it makes you feel calm and positive minded.

2-you can be pain free .the pain you feel everyday in your joints and body parts will be relieved.

3-you become more flexible by doing yoga makes your muscles,tendons and ligament more flexible.many people cant touch thier toes also but doing it regularly you can do it.

4-your strength is increased when you do yoga strenghtens yours muscles and makes you more powerful than before.

5-your weight also remains under control by doing burns your fat which makes you slim and trim.

6-it also increases your height upto 2-3 inches in 3 months because it streches your body parts.

7-it makes you to control your anger and makes you fell inner peace.

yoga is very easy to do.wake up early in the morning and do it regularly.

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