Broaden Your Shoulders: Best Exercises for Broadening Shoulders!

Five great exercises to broaden those dropping shoulders! Include them in your workout and see the difference for yourself!

Every man out there wants a broad upper body and shoulders constitute to it the most. With falling or small shoulders you won’t look mighty which you want to because that’s the only reason you have been going to the gym for years. The problem is that most of the shoulder exercises we do work out our anterior deltoids (front shoulder) and we develop rounder and falling shoulders. To avoid this, you should workout all three of your shoulder deltoids equally.

Here are some exercises which work out your shoulders well and broaden them. Include them in your workout and see the results yourself!

Upright barbell rows:

If you have been wondering that it’s an exercise that just targets the trapezius muscles then you are wrong. It works out your lateral deltoids really well and is one good exercise for broadening your shoulders. It only works out your lateral deltoids and balance them with the anterior deltoid.

Reverse Pec Deck flies:

An amazing exercise for working out there rear deltoid along with the rotator cuffs of the shoulder. With solid rotator cuffs your shoulder muscles become rock solid against any injuries. Also, the exercise itself is a good upper body workout giving your broader shoulders.

Lateral raises:

Another great exercise for working out the lateral deltoids. It not only works out your lateral deltoids but also a bit of your anterior deltoids. In this way, your deltoids become more balanced. Make sure you do it with light weight and maintain proper form. Usually people try and do this exercise with heavy dumbbells causing great injuries. It is an angular exercise meaning it should be done with light weights and strict form.

Side dumbbell Press:

It works out the anterior deltoid and a bit of the lateral deltoid keeping them in alignment with each other. It is a good exercise to work out the anterior deltoid as well as the lateral ones.

Include these four exercises to your shoulder workout and you can have broader shoulders within weeks. Good luck!

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