Chest Exercises – Top Five Chest Exercises for a Manly Chest

Chest exercises are numerous but do you know which can give you that manly chest? Try out these five chest exercises and you will get what you want…’A thick fully developed manly chest’.

Chest exercises are numerous and to select the best ones for your chest workout can be challenging. Make sure, the chest exercises you select are the ones that actually work out your chest well. There are numerous chest exercises that we don’t even know of and we stick to those traditional bench presses. Bench presses are great for sure but they give you those flabby pectorals which no men would want. So which chest exercises are the best ones that can give you those square pectorals?

Here is a list of the tops 5 chest exercises with tips on how to perform them the right way:

1.       Parallel bar dips:

You might be wondering why is that on number one? Parallel bar dips is a great exercise that works out your pectorals overall. To workout your chest with a parallel bar dip, you need to get onto it and keep your arms tucked to your body. Also, if possible try and lift your feet upward in front to make sure your chest is worked out to the fullest.

2.       Chest flies:

Dumbbell chest flies are great to work out the sides of your chest. Most of us try and do chest flies with heavy dumbbells which is quite wrong. Try and do it with lightweight dumbbells and maintain proper form. If possible, try and do this exercise in a superset with dumbbell chest presses.

3.       Push-ups:

Always better than bench presses they are! Push-ups are the best exercises to work out your chest well. It is imperative to maintain proper form while doing push-ups; to lead with your chest and not with your hips. Also, try and keep your eyes looking at front. In this way, you will exert more pressure on your chess and less on your spine.

4.       Cable crossovers:

Believe it or not, they are great for working out the inner chest which is important if you want to have a thick manly chest. Cable crossovers should be done with your back straight and your chest lifted upwards. Without proper form this exercise might give you negative results so maintain form.

5.       Triangular push-ups:

Ever heard of them? Triangular push-ups are the ones in which you keep your palms close to each other making a triangle between the fingers and both the thumbs. It is a great exercise to workout the inner chest. It also works out your triceps!

Include these 5 exercises in your chest exercises and see the results are after four weeks. Good luck!

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