Damage Caused Due to Strenuous Exercise in Women

Something important revealed for fitness freaks.

Women naturally would love to look slim and smart, but being it not easy and they do know that. But this doesn’t mean you need to do strenuous exercise everyday. Yes, these strenuous exercises make you look cool but they do have their own consequences and you need to know about them.

According to a study conducted by Mary Tierney, university of Toronto, Canada strenuous exercises would damage your cognitive skills especially in women later in life. The study was conducted on 90 healthy post menopausal women by taking a record of their exercise habits and then tested over their cognitive ability. The result of this test says the performance in various cognitive tasks decreased in women who practised heavy exercise.

 According to reports by New Scientists, Too much of exercise increases the level of oestrogen (important female sex organs, mainly in the process of menstrual cycle) and this rise may lead to irregular menstruation cycles.

In earlier studies, a low level of oestrogen has been linked to impaired mental function in premenopausal women.

So all women out there be careful and schedule your exercise timing properly and do it appropriately for a better later life. 

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