Do 100 Push-ups in a Row (With Stretching Guide)

Push-ups involve a lot of strength. Many of you will be unable to do 20 push-ups in a row, let alone 100. If you can achieve 100, congratulations, you are in the vas minority and chances are you are an amazing athlete or you are not doing proper push-ups.

So if you are curious on how anyone can do 100 push-ups in a row, read this guide.

There are Iphone applications, there are books, there are websites devoted to making money off of your insecurities and curiosity taunting you to do the challenge of 100 Push Ups. Let me be clear, this program involves dedication and you will be sore time to time. If you aren’t, then you aren’t doing the program correctly. 

Before we begin, let me make sure you know what a push-up is. A push up is an exercise that involves a person laying down on his/her stomach, and lifting up, pushing off the ground with a straight back and then going back down bending arms to a 90 degree angle and repeating this action. 

The act of doing a push-up works several muscles, but the two main muscles that will be developing throughout this program are the Pectorals and the Triceps. If at anytime during the program you feel pain in your pectorals or arms, do not be alarmed, after you have finished your daily push-ups try to relax those muscles, you have torn these muscles which is completely normal which will make them bigger and stronger, but you’ll need to repair them by resting. That is why I recommend working on this challenge every other day. 

The Pectorals are muscles in your chest, along the breast area and above. You will feel pain along the side of your chest (around your pit area) and to relieve pain here, simply rest and rub. Make sure you do proper arm/chest stretches. A great stretch to do BEFORE and AFTER your push-ups. A great stretch to help your muscles feel better is to lock your hands together behind your back and slowly lift your hands up, you will feel a stretching sensation in your arm, back and chest. This means you are doing it correctly. Another great stretch is represented in this small photo. (Photo credit to:


The Triceps are located in your arms, its a 3 part muscle system that works in your arm to keep your body supported while moving up to the peak of your push-up position. You may experience this muscle growing larger and your skin around the area to seem tighter (this isn’t the case, your muscle is just growing, making you seem ripped) The most effective stretch for this muscle is to put your arm over your head and push down on your elbow. 

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