Easy Exercises to Relieve Stress

The method used to relieve stress.

Stress is The Number One Cause of Heart Attacks Today

Anxiety and stress are the leading cause of heart attacks, which can lead to death. It is very hard to control your stress level at times because you work in an office or a place that you do not have access to a gym.

Stress only gets worse when you are working in a stressful atmosphere. Many times people believe that vacation is the answer to these problems but in reality, vacations add to your stress levels. Then you begin to ask what can I do to get relief? Either the problem you do not have time to go to a gym or it is too expensive.

There are techniques that anyone can follow that cost you nothing but a few minutes of time everyday. I would like to introduce you to some easy exercises for anyone that will relieve stress. You should watch your diet try to relax for a while when you get home and start doing these easy exercises daily.

Easy Exercise Plan That Anyone Can Use To Relieve Stress

The method begins very simply find a good place to sit where you are comfortable. This could be your office chair or a spot in the break room you know best. If you wear, a necktie or clothes that fit tight take time to undo them to give yourself more move ability. Now we are going to start our exercise techniques by:

  1. Start with your right foot (shoes off) make circular motions round and round about 25 to begin.
  2. Then progress to your left foot doing the same motion.
  3. Next start with your legs straighten them out and then bend, straighten, then bend do about 25 each leg.
  4. Work with your wrists next making circular motion doing the same to both wrists about 25 times.
  5. Work with your arm and shoulders doing first the right side then the left about 25 times.
  6. Finally work with your head and neck make circular motions going to the right then to the left about 25 times each way.
  7. When you have completed set a few minutes and takes deep breaths pulling in deeply breathing out slowly for about five minutes.

I know these exercise seem very simple and easy to do but try them you will find that relief from stress begins everyday and continues daily. When you get use to doing the exercises twenty-five times then up the count until you are doing them at least fifty times. This is of course if you have time if not then do part during the day at work and then do another set when you get home.

These easy exercise are a great way to relieve stress and prevent health problems.

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  1. I like this article it is very helpful for people who work at an office or at a drive through window all day and cannot get up and get away. You can do some of the exercise while working.

    Thanks Writer Shirley

  2. Hello I use the exercises you suggested all the time. I work at an embroidery machine mostly all day and I find these are the best exercises suited just for me. Please keep up the good work!
    Your articles are very helpful!

  3. Thank you for the information on this disorder it was informative and very explanatory. Keep writing!
    Thank you, Maria

  4. This is a very good article! I am sharing it with the rest of the staff thanks!

  5. This is a great piece, I am including this in my clinic for others to read!

  6. Just read this article and found that it is very useful to me and the rest of us here at the plumbing company office. Need more articles like this to help us with our daily chair setters.

  7. These are great exercises! Hopefully others will value them as well. Judy

  8. Thank you, this article is really great I post it on the office bulletin board come winter months, since many of us do not have any facilities close enough to work out. I think it helps! Thanks from the group who live in a box.

  9. The economy the way it is today we are all understress, it is time that we try to get relief for ourselves, try these easy exercise, and add a short nap afterwards if possible. You will find relief will come to help you through the day. Take it one day at a Time

  10. I really like your article it helps a lot.

  11. Nice article! Your list is very unique as it doesn’t have the normal advice. The circular wrist exercise works very well. Personally, I think any activity that takes the attention off of your own worries, eliminates stress through positive escape.

    My personal favorite list of 25 Ways to Relieve Stress can be found here:

    Number 11 on the list is my personal favorite. I try to do it whenever possible.

  12. thanks for the tips- they really work, danielle

  13. My husband and I do The Sexy Workout from Unisexy Fitness everynight before going to bed to release stress. We both feel so good after doing it.

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