Easy Home Exercises to Get The Shape You Always Desired

Having child is no more a reason, try to practise those exercises at the time on which your child ought to sleep more. Most probably early mornings.Most of the women loose their body shape after a childbirth. So if you are one such, this article is perfectly for you.

On the web there are many sorts of pages, sites and articles which deals with the topic, “Flat abs after childbirth”, but browsing them, actually confuse us at times. I was one among you, I too wanted to flaunt my curves,which was my asset before childbirth. Women are always a beautiful creation of God, but if we try to maintain good healthy physique with the charm of distinct character, then we ought to be the best.
Here I would like to share some exercises that had helped me shed those extra fat that was build due to pregnancy. Believe me, this works… But the trick is to maintain a regular regime.

Start with a 15 minutes workout a day. Gradually increase the time length, say for 5 to 10 minutes extra, every week. This can be done by increasing the repetitions of each exercise, week by week.Thus try to workout for 1 hour by maximum. This can also be done by two different times, when it is easy to handle with your babies schedule.

1) Lie on your back. Take your child’s ball, that which you get in the market. Place it between your knees, to engage your thighs. Give it a gentle squeeze. Raise your legs to form an inverted V with your knees. Now keeping your legs firm with the ball in between, raise your stomach and waist up and then down for about 15 times.Your shoulder rests on the ground when you does this exercises. This is a great workout for the spine and also for the abdominal walls.

2)Keep the ball between the knees and perform a reverse crunch for about 15 times.Its like raising your legs by folding it at the knees and then raising them against the floor. So body below your waist rises. This is really great for the lower abs. You could also enhance the effects by raising your legs to the chin.

3) Lets now move onto the regular crunch, but the ball still remains on the same place.But this time raise your legs so that your legs from the knees are over the hips and parallel to the floor. This can be done for about 20 reps (repetitions).

4)A small change in the crunches now. Throw out the ball and then put your back to the old position (inverted V ), now do the crunches by raising each leg at one time. Its more good if you could try to reach the raised knees with your chin.This can be done for both the legs.Don’t rush the abs. This can be done for about 20 rep.After this you will definitely need a good stretch.

5)We are moving onto side planks now. Keep your body turn to a side and make it a straight line with elbow under your shoulder and the legs one above the other. Now slowly raise your body to form a straight line. This can be a bit tiring, but this works on the fat deposits.Now keep the posture for about 2 seconds and return back to the initial position.After doing 10 reps over on side, complete the same on the side too.. That is a 10 rep with 2 seconds hold.

6) Flip over. Lets do a regular plank now.Come down and get your self set up.Keeping your feet and elbows perpendicular to the floor, Keep rest of your body straight and against the ground. Hold this posture for about 15 seconds.

7)Why not do some cycling now. Lie on your back and raise your legs with knees above your hips. Your hands under your head. Now cycle in the clockwise direction for about 5 minutes with resting your legs down the floor for 5 seconds and then repeat cycling in anti-clockwise direction for another 5 minutes.

8)Now this exercise is for your curves. Lie on a side and then rest your body on the floor. Raise one leg against the other as far you could and then return. Again raise the leg and then return back. Do this for 20 rep, resting for about 5 minutes after 10 rep.Turn over and do the same with the other leg for about 20 rep.

Definitely by now, you’ll start to feel the burn. Don’t worry, body started its job of dissolving that excess fat which you always wanted to get rid off. Make sure you consume well balanced diet rather than eating everything for the reason of nursing your child. This affects the quality of the breast milk.

So jump out of that couch, and feel the heat !!!

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