Effects of Excessive Weight Lifting

About the adverse effects of excessive weightlifting in the quest for a perfect muscular body.

All you guys who are ready to go to any extent to have that perfectly muscular physique BEWARE!!!  read on to acquaint yourself about a true story that happened to my best friend David.

David is 21 years old and is excercise freak! He’s been doing weight lifting for almost 3 years now and the effect has been showing up lately. About a week back David had THis unusual pain in his lower back that kept radiating downwards upto his small toe. The pain was so severe that it literally sent jitters across his body, however  the intensity of the pain subsided on consulting a local physician who prescribed some strong painkillers. All seem to be coming back to normal when David suddenly woke up from bed one morning to feel numbness in his left leg from the hip down to the toe. It really got him anxious, there was also  burning sensation along with the numbness. He called me up franticly about the whole problem and i immediately took an appointment with a renowned Orthopaedic. By this time David was unable to move even an inch and if he did it would hurt a lot.

We made David lie on his back in the back-seat and headed to the hospital to seek the Orthopaedic who advised an immediate MRI scan of the Lumbo-Sacral Spine. The scan revealed that David had a terrible vertebral disc dislocation.The doc explained that the dislocated disc was pressing against a nerve that supplied blood to David’s lower limb and said that an immediate surgery should be performed to save his limb from death of tissue due to lack of sufficient blood supply. David had to stay for two weeks in the hospital and tolerate such enormous pain and agony.David came back to health after the surgery but God taught him a very good lesson, excessive doing of anything is harmful.

My sincere advice to all those guys who are excercise freaks please take precautions while doing heavy weight lifting because it can land you into unnessasary health consequences, wear your back-support belt while doing weight lifting bacause it’ll not only support your back but also your abdominal wall inside which all your delicate organs like the intestines are situated. Heavy weight lifting can cause your intestines to push against your intestinal wall causing it to rupture thereby pushing the abdominal contents in places where there should’nt be i’m try to enlight a condition called inguinal hernia wherein the abdominal contents like the intestines, the abdominal fluids etc move into the scrotum which could cause a very serious health condition.

A heavily muscular body is’nt that attractive too. Have a mean and lean look! thats what girls fall for these days!! Bodybuilders may look very strong and healthy from the outside but fron the inside there are very vulnerable in terms of good health. So please please be very cautious while doing the weight lift

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