Excercises for Home

Do you want to exercise without the expense of a gym or the hassle of leaving your house?

Exercise is the nemesis for a lot of people. We all know we need to exercise to some degree or another. There are different reasons for each one of us. Some of us need to lose weight. Some need to lower their cholesterol. Some need to get into shape. And others just like to exercise.

But the gym is so expensive, you might say. I hate running or walking on the public roads for safety, or pollution reasons. Well, what about the standard set of exercises we all learned in grade school in PE? The reason they are taught at the basic level is because they are the basics. Every fancy exercise machine you see is an “improvement” on one of these basic exercises. So get out of your chair, put down the chip bag and let’s get started.

Before exercise, remember to warm up. Strain on a “cold” muscle is painful not to mention damaging. Then cool down and stretch at the end to prevent sore muscles. These are in no particular order, except for the first exercise to help you warm up and get your blood flowing.

Jog in place. I would recommend one minute to start for the first week. Make sure you are not jumping, the downstairs neighbor may not want the ceiling coming down.

Jumping jacks. Great cardio workout. Again, watch the jumping.

Pushups. Arms and chest. If standard pushups are too much at first, start with wall pushups. You can experiment with hand placement for variety and working different muscle groups. Try it with a child on your back for intensity.

Situps / Crunches. Stomach and back. These are easy to over-do, your body will let you know when enough is enough.

Squats. Legs and back. Start with a chair, or use the wall for support.

Weight lifting. Arms, back and shoulders. Use whatever you find around the house, canned goods, juice or milk jugs.

Steps. Legs. Use your stairs, just be careful.

Leg lifts. From your stomach, back and side. A great workout for your stomach, back, legs and buttocks.

Simple stretches. Thirty seconds each. Try to touch your toes. lie on your stomach and arch your back looking at the ceiling. Stand and reach for the ceiling.

No need for expensive equipment, or memberships. Just a simple effective workout. Fifteen to thirty minutes and you are on your way to a more fit you.

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