Exercise and Fitness The Old Fashioned Way!

This is how exercise used to be done, the old fashioned way, good old walking up the stairs to lose that saggy behind. Fitness used to come naturally!

This shot was taken in Krakow Poland, and you might have to look twice at the photo before you realize the funny side of it.


Climb the stairs for fitness!


Well in a country where most people can’t afford a gym, climbing the stairs is a great exercise option.

There are plenty of stairs available all around us, so you don’t have to look far to find them.


This is what we used to do, way back when, to lose weight. People used to move a lot more in their natural everyday chores, and getting from one place to the other. Kids used to walk to school; fewer families had cars so even the adults would do more walking. Household chores used to demand more effort and there were more people who worked at manual jobs before machinery took over.


This is why in the past exercise was not an issue, as people got their exercise naturally. Now we need to actually make an effort and go out especially with the intention of moving out bodies.


If you had to get up every morning plough the fields, milk the cows, walk to school and back and then fix the roof you wouldn’t need any extra exercise to keep fit and slim! So instead, save yourself the money on a gym and climb the stairs for fitness!


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  1. You don’t cost any penny from these exercises…. Great Job!

  2. Simple and at no cost! Good reminder for all.

  3. a very practical way to lose weight. If you live near a hill or a mountain, climbing it regularly will reduce those unwanted fats.

  4. very useful and practical tips..

  5. I agree with Franklin and craigz.

  6. Great share! Thanks! Stay healthy!

  7. Wonderful. I saw a picture once of people riding an escalator to the fitness centre, and there were unused stairs next to it. Thanks for reminding us.

  8. Going up and down the stairs is indeed a good exercise

  9. So much truth in this article! Thanks we all need to be reminded of this. I get stair exercise daily, too

  10. Good post!thanks for the reminder!

  11. I wanna try this hahaha.

  12. Sometimes the very best solutions are the basics. Nice tip!

  13. Nice advice.

  14. good idea, i live in a two storey appartment with two stairs. Whether i like it or not, I am doing the fitness lol.

  15. yea, bad thing about technology.. and now that i thought about it, we don’t really need the treadmill ^-^

  16. Haha running stairs is a great form of fitness…

  17. Yes, I totally agree with your advice.

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