Exercise Videos I Own

I love exercise videos. Here is a list I own. I will follow up in the future with articles reviewing each individual video and my recommendations for or against them.

  1. Leslie Sansone: 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk
  2. Gay Gasper: Fat Burning Workout for Dummies
  3. Janis Mcdonald: Ultimate Fitness
  4. Kari Anderson:Reach
  5. Lydis Haskell: Dance Off 15 Minute Express
  6. Jennifer Galardi: 10 Minute Solutions Fat Blasting Dance Mix
  7. Tabitha D’umo: Prevention Drop it with Dance
  8. Elise Gulan: Ballet Conditioning
  9. Jessica smith: 10 Minute solution Special K Ab Workout
  10. Shelly Mcdonald: 2 Different Caribbean Workout
  11. Alycea Ungaro P.T.: 15 Minute Everyday Pilates
  12. Jennifer Pohlman: More Simply Pilates
  13. Annika Carlson: Pilates for Wimps
  14. Tammilee: Total stretch for Beginner

 As can bee seen from this list I am not much on the purchase of one single trainer liked. I am a smorgasboard type person. I am thinking of ordering a few more videos in the near future. Probably another of Leslies. I used to have a couple more of hers but were on VCR which broke down.

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