Exercises for Stability Ball

Here are a few exercises that require a stability ball. You are sure to have less fat on you if you do these frequently.

Do you wish you could exercise more? Don’t know what types of exercises to do? Want to maximize the results of your exercises? Then you need a stability ball and the three exercises I am going to give you to do with it.

Personal trainer and fitness author, Larysa DiDio says, “Most people think a stability ball is just for strengthening their core, but training with a ball can tone muscles throughout the body. It also improves flexibility,, balance, psture, and coordination.

Lie your upper back on a stability ball. Put your left leg over the right knee crossing them. Bring down your hips to the floor surface. Stop for a second. Bear down through the heel to come back to the beginning. Do 8-12 times then do the same on the other side.

Put your bnody in a pushup posture have your shins on the stability on the top and put your hands shoulder width apart. Keep your hips in a square position to the floor. Elevate your right hand and touch your right shoulder. Go back to start position and do the same with the opposite arms. Do it going back and forth in the arms 26 times.

Stretch out face up on the floor, hold a stability ball over your head with the ball being on the ground.. Using hands in unisonand extend straight on the floor. Using your core raise your arms and legs off the grounds and place the ball between both your feet. Put your legs around the ball and squeeze and bring arms and legs back to floor. Then return the balls to your hands. This is one repition. Try to do 8-10 times.

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  1. Thanks for the info..

  2. Great article

  3. I love stability balls:

  4. Good share. I am a big fan of stability ball, makes so many exercises way more effective and it is true, you can do anything on it, even cardio. Simple bouncing on it is fun and burns a lot of calories.

  5. Great article I will try but am not sure if I will succeed.
    Best Wishes

  6. I tried the stability ball and promptly fell off

  7. Another excellent share thanks, PattiAnn! Good information.

  8. Not sure I have enough stability for a stability ball.

  9. I can’t do this but great share if you can

  10. Many people use these balls to keep in shape. I am not one of them….

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