Exercises That Burn The Most Calories. The best way to lose weight and to keep it that way.

Exercises That Burn The Most Calories. The best way to lose weight and to keep it that way.

body a chance to wake up, realize what’s happening, get into the “fight or flight mode” (that is, fight for your life or run like the wind) and prepare for stretching. During the fight or flight phase, your body draws upon its immediate sources of stored energy for survival, carbohydrates, salt and sugar stores. Sweating, increased heart rate and breathing harder than normal is a good indicator that this is happening. The next source of energy drawn upon is, you guessed it, fat and this is when the fun begins. When training, please always remember the warm up because it’s a very important phase of your training.


Once your body, joints, connective tissue, muscles, heart and lungs are nice and warm, it’s time to take a minute to loosen them up.

Stretching equals life while rigidity equals death. If you don’t agree, think about which of these we relate to children and which one we relate to the elderly?

As you’ll soon learn, warming up the joints and performing the perfect positions of a few basic stretches, each of which, involve a few body parts at a time will be sufficient for this “quickie” workout.

I always suggest daily stretching. Do not miss one day. The benefits of constant, relaxed, daily stretching are so infinite, you can’t afford to stop your quest for daily progress. One day without stretching will cause your body to return back to a rigid state. I will show you a few head to toe joint warm ups and a couple stretches later in this article.

Some of the benefits of above average flexibility are increased range of motion, better blood circulation, more explosive, athletic muscles and healthier joints.

Resistance Training

This phase of your training turns good athletes into elite champions. It also will be the difference between creating a string bean body and a true beautiful work of art. The more you commit to this phase of training, the more beautiful your body will become and the more dynamic you will compete as an athlete. Muscles equal metabolism so the more resistance training you commit to, the more muscles you will develop and in time, your commitment to resistance training will transform your body into a fat burning furnace of incredible energy.

Cardio Training

Every workout has to involve some form of a cardiovascular challenge. This is also known as aerobic training. Think of this as something which challenges the heart and lungs for a sustained period of time. An easy way to measure your workout intensity is by keeping tabs

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