Exercising with Disco Sweat

A story about exercising to Richard Simmon’s Disco Sweat.

I was dancing/exercising to my Richard Simmon’s exercise tape called “Disco Sweat” and I was doing pretty good up until last night when my husband (Bill) decided to do it with me!  I usually do it when Bill is busy doing something else. 

The tape is approximately one hour long… but I usually only do the first ten minutes (the easy part).  Then I let the tape run so Bill thinks that I’m still exercising.  For the next fifty minutes while the tape is runny I do other important stuff like cut my toe nails or pick out the clothes I’m gonna wear the next day.

I was really surprised last night when Bill came into the room to join me.  Anyway with Bill in the room I had to actually “do” the exercises!!  I seen parts of the tape that I’d never seen before!!  Bill did comment that I didn’t seem to know parts of the exercise routine very well (I didn’t tell him that I’d never seen the whole tape).  We did forty-five minutes of exercising!  I hadn’t planned on Bill lasting that long!  I really worked up a sweat as my delicate body was not meant to exercise that long.  Just my dumb luck Bill liked the exercise tape so he’ll probably be joining me again!!  Darn it!

I must admit it was kinda fun watching Bill dance/exercise.  The old guy still knows how to shake his booty!  Although some of his moves didn’t exactly look like the tape.

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