Five Amazing Belly Exercises You Should Try Out Today

Doing excersise that targets belly fats is good for many people who live a sedentary exixtence. It adds fun to life, but above all, it is healthy.

Belly exercise is affordable just like any other, as long as one is committed to following the exercise regime with dedication. There are many move you could resort to to trim down your belly and get rid of stubborn fats. Below are just a few of them that can do at home with a lot of fun


Passing the ball from hands to legs repeatedly is a great body exercise that could  save you a pot belly in a few days.


This will not only deal with your pot-belly, but it is quite obvious that a week of this exercise will give you a strong and healthy neck.

Anybody engaged in an exercise like this will never suffer from pelvic inflammations because this will address any hip and belly problems concurrently.

This simple belly exercise is so easy and interesting to do in the comfort of your house. You could invite some of your family members to join in the fun.

With a simple stand, you could do this exercise easily and realize amazing results to your belly within a very short time.

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  1. Good exercises

  2. Awesome exercises to tone the waist and mid-section. It’s so cool how you can get the pictures moving like that.

  3. Interesting exercises.

  4. those are good ones, I use most of them myself and so far they work.

  5. very cute animations!

  6. I really nid to put my belly in agd shape bt i wil i manage dat last
    one.anyway thank u.

  7. Good ones, though I regularly do the last one.

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