Five Best Exercises for Lazy People

Lazy people have one golden rule: Get the most done in the least amount of time, using as little energy as possible. There’s no denying the benefits of exercise, but sweating at the gym or trying to stick to a workout routine can be more torture than it’s worth. Here are the five best exercises for lazy people.

Exercise gets the blood flowing, sharpens the mind, releases stored energy, and keeps muscles and joints limber to avoid nasty aches and pains. Stored energy can manifest as stress, hypertension or excess body fat. These simple exercises help relieve tension and improve muscle tone throughout the body.

You can do these exercises anywhere – in bed, on the couch, at work – and anytime throughout the day.

About Breathing

To enjoy the most reward from these easy exercises, remember that proper breathing is important. Breathing helps ease tension from the body and brings oxygen to the muscles, as well as to the brain and other vital organs. Lazy exercise with proper breathing has more health benefits than a strenuous workout without proper breathing.

Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Breathe slowly and steadily, and don’t hold your breath. For more about breathing, please read Healthy Breathing: How to Break Bad Breathing Habits.

Exercise for Lazy People #1

Chin Tuck

The Chin Tuck improves posture, helps stiff neck and limbers up the trapezius (neck, shoulders and upper back), as well as the throat and jaw muscles.

Sit or stand, facing directly ahead. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Push your head slightly forward, then pull your head back slowly. Bring your chin toward your chest, and imagine the top of your head is rising toward the ceiling.

Feel the stretch in the back of the neck. Remember to breathe. Hold for 10 seconds. Relax. Repeat as desired.

For more posture or neck exercises please read Poor Posture Can Make You Sick: How to Improve your Posture and Five Easy Exercises and Ten Healing Tips for Stiff Sore Neck.

Exercise for Lazy People #2

Butt Clench

This is absolutely the best exercise for lazy people. The Butt Clench tightens the buttocks, helps strengthen the lower back, and helps release stress-related energy in the butt and thighs.

Tuck your tailbone in slightly. Clench your buttocks. Hold for ten seconds. Relax. Repeat as desired.

Exercise for Lazy People #3

Foot Flexes and Foot Rotations

A human foot has 26 bones, 20 muscles, 33 joints and over 150 ligaments. In one day, the feet take a cumulative force of several hundred tons. When your feet are tired, you are tired. Foot flexes and

rotations help limber up the feet and legs, de-stress the joints and muscles, improve blood circulation and give you an overall feeling of energy and well-being.

Foot Flexes: Slowly thrust out your heel, while pointing your toes toward your knee. You will feel the stretch in the back of the legs. Repeat 5 times with each foot.

Foot Rotations: Slowly rotate your foot at the ankle. Rotate to the left 10-20 times, then rotate to the right. Repeat with each foot.

Exercise for Lazy People #4

Backward Elbow Stretch

This is a great exercise for the back, shoulders, upper arms, chest, and posture. The Backward Elbow Stretch can help prevent joint problems such as frozen shoulder.

Raise your hands to about waist-height. Keeping your back straight but relaxed, try to touch your elbows together behind your back. Unless you’re super-flexible, you won’t be able to do it, but you’ll feel the stretch in the shoulders, arms and chest.

Hold for ten seconds and remember to breathe. Repeat as desired.

The Backward Elbow Stretch exercise also helps strengthen the back muscles. Weak back muscles are a common cause of chronic pain and poor posture.

Exercise for Lazy People #5

Tummy Tuck Exercise

The Tummy Tuck Exercise helps tone abdominal and belly muscles.

Exhale completely, allowing your stomach to deflate, while pulling your belly button towards your spine. Keep back relaxed, shoulders straight (don’t slouch) . Let the tummy do the work. Inhale, allowing your chest to rise, and let your stomach relax.

Repeat as desired.

Stress Release

A lot of stress energy can accumulate in the extremities. Shaking your hands and feet is a good way to release stress throughout the day. Shake gently, then with more vigor as you feel the hands/feet relax. Shake for 10-20 seconds, breathing steadily.

Shaking the hands or feet can restore circulation, improve oxygen flow through the body, limber up the extremities, and boost your energy level.

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