Five Great Exercises You Can Do From Your Bed

Exercise doesn’t have to involve jogging and strenuous exercise. You can do regular and useful exercise from your bed.

Just spending five minutes a day from your bed to do some exercise can make a great difference to your health. Try these simple exercises in the morning when you’ve woken up to refresh and stimulate your senses and muscles.

1. Stretching:Sit up in bed and cross your legs. Stretch your arms up towards the ceiling, look up and stretch as if you were trying to touch the ceiling. Gently relax your arms back down and repeat five times.

2. Legs:Swing yourself round so that you are sitting on the bed as if you were getting out with your legs touching the floor. Keep your back straight and lift your legs up slowly, holding onto the side of the bed as you do so. Feel your stomach and leg muscles work. Then relax and lay your legs down. You should do this exercise slowly. Repeat five times.

3. Long legs: Lay your legs out straight on your bed and sit up straight. Stretch your arms up as before and bend down to touch your toes slowly, hold for a second and then slowly bring back your arms and relax. Repeat five times.

4. Arms: Sitting up in bed cross your legs. Stretch your arms up to the ceiling and slowly bring your arms down while keeping them stretched down either side of you, as if you were a flower opening up. Keep your arms outstretched at your sides for a couple of seconds and then relax them. Repeat five times.

5. Lie down: At the end, lie back down on your bed making sure your body is straight. Look up at the ceiling and concentrate on tensing all your muscles by stretching in this position. Then relax and repeat once more.

Doing these exercises will increase the blood flow to different areas of your body and help prepare you for the day. However, please note that these are basic exercises and should still be done in line with recommended active exercise. After completing these exercises you should drink a glass of water.

Then you’ll be ready for another working day.

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  1. Easy and strainless
    Add Pranayam 4 de-stress
    And you become steel stainless.

  2. Thanks for those exercises. I usually do my situps on the bed so I can now add these as well.


  3. There is no more excuse for not exercising LOL!

  4. Cool one! very interesting article…add some pictures from (wikipedia or flickr), makes your article more awesome! Thanks my friend..cheers 8)

  5. Nice article

  6. Nice to read this piece.

    Keep writing more about it. It is really gracefully and very well written skill.

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  7. Very nice tips. People will be inclined to spend more time in bed doing this, lol.

  8. Great tips, I used to exercise before but now too busy to do it.

  9. That’s nice.

  10. This is a wonderful article. Great tips!

  11. Sounds good. Acually, my mother does exercises before getting out of bed. They really help her.

  12. a very good article

  13. nice post and good tips.

  14. Good article. I have never thought of exercising in bed.

  15. Easy steps. Good share!

  16. Interesting Piece.

    Today I know more about it. Good subject selection for writing and sharing with others.

    Thanks for sharing good one.


  17. Easy one to do. I like lie down exercise. :)

  18. Good tips to work out while still in bed. So, can I do these things before I go to sleep, too?

  19. Very nice and informative share..

  20. Very informative idea about exercising in bed. Excellent sharing.

    Seeking your comments on my health based articles.

    SK Guha

  21. Great info Anita, I could have done with this article the last time I was in hospital.

  22. This is very helpful. I’m going to try them. :-)

  23. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.:)

  24. click! click! click! clicking!

  25. Its simple, its effortless and can be done on one of the most important furniture ever created; the bed!

    Thanks, i am surely going to practice this and get my blood circulation up. Nice. My heart is doffed to you.

  26. 5 Great Exercises You Can Do From Your Bed! You don’t even need to get out of bed!

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