Five Ways to Pump Up The Press at Home

How to pump up the press at home.

Perform the following exercises and you can pump up the beautiful and strong press home: 
1. Area – hang on the bar, slowly lift straight legs, creating a torso of a straight angle (90 degrees). Hold this position for a few seconds, and also in no hurry to go back to its original position. Repeat as opportunities. Wrong? Then start with a simple exercise.
2. Starting position formerly, begins to raise his bent legs, pressing them to his stomach to his chest and back to its original position. When this exercise becomes easy for you – go to a corner.
3. Starting position – lying on a solid surface (eg parquet), legs bent, hands behind their heads together in the “lock”, raise the body to the knees and immerse back. Start with 20-30 repetitions. Also try lifting touch left elbow right knee and right elbow, respectively, the left knee. This will allow you develop your muscles stronger and press outwardly attractive.
4. Starting position – lying down, legs straight, hands behind his head. At the same time begin to lift and move toward each other head and knees, return to the starting position.
5. Starting position as before, lift the bent leg over the body and mimic cycling, the closer to the floor, you lower your legs, the more effects you can achieve.

Inflate the press at home is not as difficult as it seems. The main thing is not to lose motivation and continue to do exercises! Successful to you workout!

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