Flexibility and Body Composition

Good flexibility and body composition can help prevent sports injuries and keep you healthy in the long run.

Flexibility refers to your body’s ability to extend and flex its major joints. Young people are usually more flexible than adults, but it’s a good idea to include stretching in your exercise program regardless of your age. Having a high level of flexibility will not give you bigger muscles or better endurance. It can, however, help prevent injury – as important a factor as anything else when it comes to exercise.

Body composition refers to the proportion of fat and muscle mass in your body, which changes according to your eating and exercise habits. Of course, the more you exercise, the more muscle and less fat you will have.

Another way to think of physical fitness is to consider it in terms of your own needs and goals. If you are in good physical condition, you should be able to perform your everyday tasks without getting too tired to function. If you find that, you’re yawning at your desk a lot, you have trouble relaxing, and even low levels of exertion exhaust you, your physical fitness level may be lower than it should be.

What about mood swings? Do you get depressed or anxious easily? These may also be symptoms of a lack of physical fitness, and they can disappear quickly if treated with a program of regular exercise.

Unless you’re a gymnast or a dancer, flexibility is not likely to be an ultimate exercise goal for you. But doing stretching exercises are important part of warming up for and cooling down from your regular exercise routine. Also, good flexibility helps prevent sports injuries.

Body composition may very well be near the top of your list of challenges. Having a high percentage of lean muscle tissue will certainly help keep you healthy in the long run and it is good to keep this in mind as you exercise.

But becoming too obsessed with losing fat or becoming muscular can lead to extremely dangerous behavior, such as starvation or steroid abuse. Remember that having some body fat is perfectly normal. The best program for health body composition will include plenty of aerobic exercise and eating a healthy diet.

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