Get Fit for Summer: Mix Up Your Training With An Advanced Workout – Workout One

Workouts to get beach ready.

We’ll be posting a series of different workouts – many people don’t often mix things up enough in their training. Add a few of these sessions into your routine now and then, and your training won’t get stale, you’ll progress, and you’ll look your best this summer!

* For all exercises – judge the weight you’ll use. For the first exercise choice and each choice for all of the others, I always start out lighter to warm up. As the session goes on, increase the weight. Sometimes I like to go heaviest as possible, other times lighter getting in more reps.

* Additional notes are included.

* Dont train everyday. Remember, we actually build muscle and burn fat while we rest.

* Always take caution when lifting weights. If you’re trying to go heavier than usual or attempting an exercise for the first time, ask someone to spot you.

Chest, Back(light day), Triceps

- Chest.

* Incline chest press using 2 plates(instead of dumbbells or a barbell) – 4 sets to failure( I used 2/10 pound plates for this training session)

* Seated pec deck machine – 4 x failure (go for nothing less that 15 reps each set)

* Seated machine press(by cybex) – 4 x failure

* Cable cross-overs – 4 x failure

- Back(less volume day).

* Wide-grip front lat-pulldowns – 4 x failure (For a woman, a good starting weight would be about 30 pounds as a warm up, while 60 pounds will work good for you guys - these are both average #’s, do what you’re capable of, and always remember, safety first)

* Hammer strength seated one-arm rows – 3 x failure

* Seated two-handed cable rows(closest grip apparatus) – 3 x failure

- Triceps.

* Straight bar pressdowns – 4 x failure

* One-arm reverse grip pulldowns – 3 x 15 each arm

* E-z bar(lying) nose-breakers – 4 x failure

* Close grip e-z bar press – 4x failure

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