Have You Got Good Back Posture?

Back posture is one of leading major causes to backpain in latter life, This article has got 20 ways to help you stand tall!

Posture is a body language, a pose tell the rest of the world how your feeling – about other people, about your own life and about yourself. Posture is personality so its no coincedance that we associate “posture” with “attitude”. So what does your posture say to others around you? Are you slouching, facedown on the world? Or do you strut, head up, back straight like a peacock – adventorous, daring, out going, ready to meet all challenges that face you? Maybe your posture is’nt an intentional stance but just a bad habit. Even so it can give people the wrong message and wrong perspective of you. Try to slouch and tell someone you excited. You just can’t bring yourself to do it – you have to straighten up to be excited. Good posture creates good insperation possible. You backbone is made up of 33 segments called vertebrae that is your body’s foundation. Your backbone enables you to stand upright. iT surrounds and protects your spinal cord and its also where your muscles and ligaments attach to your back. it works as a weight bearer yet allows flexibility in movement. Ever wondered why your neck and shoulders hurt at the end of the day? Chances are you spent most of your day hunched over your desk with the muscles fighting to keep your body upright. Poor posture wears against the discs – the shock aborbers – in your spine. Poor posture strains and loosens ligaments. And it pushes and pulls unevenly on all your muscles.

Start each day with an exercise.

Begin each day by putting your skeleton into allignment – a bit like braces aligning the teeth into the correct biting position. Thease are basic stretches you can do every day that can help you find proper balance. You can find many exercises on the internet that help with bad back posture. Or you can find a local class that specializes stretches.

Look in the mirror:

Relax and practise standing up straight. A stiff military posture is’nt what you are looking for. That’s too rigid and the small of your back would be too arched. Stand inn front of a full – length mirror to check your posture. Distribute your weight evenly on both feet and keep your shoulders back and level. Hold your chest high. Your stomach will pull in naturally as you tilt your lower pelvis slighty back. Notice that your buttocks will tuck under and the small of your back will have a very slight arch. You’ll know you are on track when you can draw an imaginery straighth line from just behind your ear, through your shoulder, behing the hip and knee and through the ankle.

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  1. Is there any workout or exercise which we can do in agym for back posture ?

  2. There is of course some exercises in the gym, but it’s better to lift your body weight. Do Wide-grip pullups to train both your arms and back. When you can do 50 reps and it gets too easy, you can add weights in a backpack.

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