Health is Worth More Than Gold

Health and fitness is often neglected over the pursuit of money and material stuff.

Health is wealth and  who would disagree with that sentence? Yet more than 80% of the working adults would be spending much of their waking hours and minutes going after money and neglect their fitness and health.

It is sad but true, more spent more time in the office, working extra hours in hope to get the extra bonus or promotion. But when it is time to look after our body and health, thousand and one excuses would use just to justify not doing our required fitness exercises.

The young always believe they are healthy and invincible, therefore health and fitness is not high on their priority list. They would punish their body with unhealthy food and drinks, alcohol and smoke, believing that they would be able to remain at their prime all their lives and see no need to change. As they grow older, it becomes a habit and the body would suffer. They also view that they should build up their wealth when they are young so they could enjoy later in life. Such irony, is that later in life, they would find illness their constant companion.

At middle age, many probably realise they need to change, as they quickly become after a short walk, and their well tone body starts to get out of shape. However commitment to their work and family leaves them little time for exercise. However to reclaim your health, instead of taking giant leaps, you can take little baby steps toward your health goals. One of the major stumbling blocks, is lack of motivation and lack of peer support. This could be overcome with the simple use of the Internet. Use the Health forum or fitness forum to form support group and post your success to give yourself further motivation.

Do not exchange your health with money and material things. and take their health for granted until the day it starts to deteriorate. In the end you would spend more of your wealth to try to get back your health which is so much harder to do.

Your health and fitness is important part of your life. Without it no amount of wealth make up for suffering you might encounter. you health is worth more than gold so are you going to do more for your health?

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  1. Very impressive

  2. Thanks, you need to take care of your own health, because it is more important than wealth.

  3. Very useful advice – I like the fact that you wrote the words: punish the body.

    People don’t realise sometimes what certain foods / things / drugs do to the body.


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