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Don’t have a gym at your place? want to make some muscle at home?
here are some home workout tips to help you gain some muscle at home.

Workout tips to help you gain muscle at home


Push-ups can be done at home without any equipement. All you need is some hands and legs.To perform, lie down on the floor with your hands and legs facing the ground and go down using your hands to burn fat in your arms and gain muscle. Do about 20-30 pushups a day and you will gain muscle in no time.


Sit-ups can be done by lieing on the ground with your back on the ground and legs up. To perform a sit-up, keep your hands on your chest crossed and go up 90-degrees to burn your stomach fat and get a six-pack. Doing about 30-50 a day is good enough.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks are a great way to train your leg muscles at home without any equipment. Jumping Jacks also trains your stamina. Doing about 50-70 a day will help a lot.


Crunches are a great way to build up and strengthen abdominal muscles. They are similar to push-ups but require you to keep your hands on your head and go up 45-degrees.


Leg Lifts are also a great way to gain muscle on your legs. To perform, lie flat on the ground facing up and lift your legs about 45 degrees high and hold it for a while. It may be a bit painful at first but they are a great way to gain muscle.

So there you go, some home workout exercises that you can do. Go gain some muscle now !

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