Hot to Get Rid of Wrinkles – Five Exercises with Photos

How to get rid of wrinkles in five simple exercises with photos.Find how you can be young again using a simple set of facial gymnastics.

How to get rid of wrinkles

Is it possible to get rid of wrinkles without a surgery? “Yes”, according to many specialists. Using facial gymnastics. Using few exercises daily you can get rid of wrinkles and get fresh skin, young, and the most important, natural. One of the most known practitioners of this technique, Carole Maggio offers a simple program of exercises that have good results in only 6 days. The exercises must be made twice a day.

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Exercise no1

This exercise works the area around the eyes, reducing the wrinkles.

Put your palms above the eyes, like in the photo, with your pointing fingers pressing the area between the eyebrows and with your big fingers in the corners of your eyes (like the shape of glasses). Close your eyes and with the fingers press the skin from inside to outside, towards the ears. Make this moves 40 seconds. You will feel how the muscles around your eyes are working.

Exercise no2

Work the area of the forehead, it lifts the eyebrows and diminish the wrinkles.

Using your fingers press the forehead skin down while you tension and lift the eyebrows, creating a tension on the forehead muscles. Repeat these moves for 30 seconds. If you have deep wrinkles in this area repeat this exercise 3 times every day.

Exercise no3

Lift the corners of your mouth that are moving down with the age.

With your pointing fingers pull the mouth corners outside and push them up and down. Make these moves until you will feel a burn sensation. Then intensify the movements and continue another 40 seconds. At the end of this exercise, gather your lips like you want to whistle and release the air. This exercise will relax your lips.

Exercise no4

This will help you to get rid of your double chin.

Open the mouth and pull the lips inside, over your teeth. In this position open and close your mouth 5 times .You will feel how the chin muscles are working during these movements.

Exercise no5

This exercise will help you to get rid of the lines between the nose and mouth.

With the superior lip pressing the teeth, gather your lips like you want to say the letter “O”. Put the pointing fingers at the corners of your mouth and “walk” them towards nose and back. Make these movements until you will feel a burn sensation on the line nose-mouth then intensify the movements for 30 seconds.

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