How to be Fit and Stay Fit: Become Healthier

Be fit stay fit and be healthy!

Hey guys back here and i’m telling you guys how to become fit and stay fit! What does fit mean? It doesn’t mean you have to be Mr.Buff or Mrs.Abs… It means to stay healthy!

 what are the side affects of not being healthy? Diabetes, even Acne, strokes, heart attack, and with that your life is a livinig hell.

How do i become fit? It’s simple… but one thing you must know the most important things! DIETS DONT WORK!

Heres the pyramid to use for the right amounts of food intake each day.

As you can see Fat/Oils/Sweets are just a tiny thin line next to the blue and red.

More grains and veggies and fruits are the 3 main types of food you must have each day.

Other is meat and milk= meat means eat only lean meat so if you are out to buy some ground beef or something then you would buy 80/20 not 97/3 or so and milk have to diary for calcium with vitamin D too absorb the milk.

so what should u eat?

Everyone must eat 3 cups of fruit and 2.5 cups of veggies per day. Milk and grains are a must for fiber and protein. what does fiber do? it keeps you feeling full longer and not having cravings for food! what has high fiber? Red beans are great source for fiber.

Do not take more than 2,500 calories a day.

Best food for Breakfast?-

Eat this—————

Eggs=source of protein(brain boost)

Bread(whole wheat/multi grain)

Yogurt- source of diary

Canadian Bacon-Much leaner than reg. Bacon

Not this!——–

Bagel and cream cheese(why?) its load with high calories even if its multi-grained

Hot cakes/pancakes/waffles/french toast(frozen) loaded with high-frost corn syrp.

Lunch- Fiber, veggies and other such after this you should know!

Dinner lean meat- such fish! or roast beef.

Stay active!

means exercise!

not big time push-ups or sit-ups

but each day take some time to strech around run, walk, just be active don’t sit around and watch tv

Thank you guys!

Overall staying fit means to eat right!

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