How to Build Muscle Mass in Your Legs

Bigger legs will lead to more explosiveness and higher sports performance.

If you want to build bigger legs then you need to squat, there is no better exercise in the world than squatting. As they say, shut up and squat! It doesn’t feel good and does put strain on your back but if you want bigger stronger thighs then squatting is the way to go. Now one thing you do have ot take note of is the fact that the human body works in equilibrium, if you work out the biceps you need to work out the triceps and as squats does a great job of working the quads and the glutes you need ot work out the hamstrings as well not really to build size but definitely to prevent any injury. Don’t just work out your legs at the end of another workout assign a whole day to it. Warm up properly and don’t be afraid to do 6-9 sets of squats, not all at a maximum weight of course. You also need to eat to grow, that means eating lost of green veg, I’m talking as much as you can possibly manage and lean mean, steak and chicken breast are my favourite. You need to run up a calorie surplus if you want ot grow, but don’t over do it, your thighs should say powerful not, I couldn’t stop eating.

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  1. I kinda like my legs the way they are :D . I’m more concerned with my flabby arms..

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