How to Cope with Backache

Expert tips on how to cope with backache.

In Britain, more working days are lost due to back problems than any other disorder. Here are some expert tips from top chiropractors on how to cope with backache.

1. Firstly, you need to know what type of backache you actually have – is it a problem with the disc or the joint?

2. If you have hurt the disc – for example by lifting a heavy object – lie down in order to take the pressure off. An accompanying pain in the leg is a common indication of a ‘blown disc’.

3. However, if you have locked your back – e.g. by over-stretching for something – it is actually better to stay mobile.

4. Posture is extremely important. Try to ‘lengthen’ your spine when walking or standing.

5. It is also important to understand your exercises. Both pilates and yoga can be good for back problems but you need to know which is better for your condition. Generally, if you are supple but weak opt for pilates but if you feel strong yet stiff, try yoga.

6. Use an ice pack during the first couple of days of a backache, not a heat-treatment remedy as many might advise.

7. If the problem persists, make sure you seek expert advice.

Sources: The Sunday Telegraph, The Week

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  1. Helpful tips and good advice to be aware that different types of back pain often needs to be treated differently.

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