How to Get Good Muscles in The Abs and Arms

Ever wanted to just show a bit of muscle on the muscle? how about on the biceps and triceps?

Hello folks!

In this article you came to find out how to get a good look on your abs and/or muscles if you are considered small or under-weight. I wont bore you to death with all about the muscle but to create muscle you must actually rip it! Now don’t go twisting your arm we are talking micro rips, enough to tell your brain you need to make it stronger. Two steps wereneeded (at least for me) to get great muscles where there seemed to be nothing at all.

These two steps don’t need to be taken in order and they might need to be repeated numerous times. The main two things I did was to

one: Get proteins/fats/carbohydrates into your body

and two: Work Out

The second one may be an obvious but eating protein enriched food can get the muscle or fat needed to show off to the ladies/guys. If you don’t have fat how you going to turn it to muscle! Just think about what your eating, eat some scrambled eggs with sausage next mourning, or have bacon with your pancakes. Meat contains plenty of protein and if your a vegetarian eggs can be your supplement to meat. Now eating occasionally with the working out can really show those bad boys in a couple months, without having to pay a penny than you would normally for equipment and DVD programs. Heck the work outs you know may do it for you! (Unless you never buy food like eggs or sausage at the store there is some money involved.)

Now the work out; if you want to work on your abs first you can just do normal sit ups or crunches.(the same as a sit up only with your knees bent and only 45 degrees up) For me time wasn’t the objective here but the quantity. When i started i did around 25-50, always go for the extra one before you rest! Now i do 100 while hardly breaking a sweat. (This is over a 3month period) Don’t go doing sit ups everyday in a row because the muscle rip (remember it’s micro) needs to heal before the brain will understand it need to get stronger. How will you know when you did the work out well? If you feel sore or weird (not sick weird) then that’s the feeling of those micro rips. When they are completely gone (1-2days max) you can try the exercise again.

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