How to Get Six Pack Abs!

How to get a sick pack.

Everyone wants to gain sick pack abs. They make you look great and help you keep an athletic posture.

Most people will say that you need to do lost of sit-ups or crunches to get good abs. Yes it helps but its not the best method. Training your core can be done by preforming many different exercises. You need to vary your work outs each day and find different ways to train your core.

When performing work outs make sure your stomach is loose and warmed up. This way you will get maximum performance from abdominal muscles. A really good method to train your core is twisting. Anytime your body can make a twisting motion your abdominals will contract and release. Explore different types of twisting motions and find whats right for you. Remember if it burns then its working!

The most important part of training is your diet. Now everyone will tell you this because IT’S TRUE! However, you don’t need to starve yourself or eat only lean or non fat foods. All you need to do is change your diet everyday. This means do not eat the same thing everyday. Your body will respond to different foods and work harder to break them down. Think about it, if you eat the same food everyday your body gets used to what its are eating and it will stop working hard to break down foods.

One more tip to get getting sick pack abs is more of an advanced motion and its hard to learn but it is by far the best method of getting a sick pack. Back tucks! one back tuck is equivalent to almost 20 crunches! Also during a back tuck your are fighting gravity and working harder to contract your abs. This is more for advanced trainers but its a great way to get past your peak from just doing other abdominal exercises.

Closing tips. Remember to change your workout around and do different things with your body. Also, eat different foods everyday! I can’t stress this enough, trust me it helps. Work hard!

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