How to Increase Muscle Mass

To gain muscle, you increase the amount of food consumed along with a intensive weight-lifting exercises.

However, to reduce fat mass, will have to cut off the power and perform of Cardio-fitness.

The conclusion we reached is that the training of lifting weights and diet must provide a balance between the increase in muscle mass and fat mass loss. These are some rules you must follow to achieve this balance:

  • To increase muscle mass, you have to consume more calories and protein. However, it is necessary to find a balance that enables you, despite the high intake of calories, not to increase the percentage of fat mass. You should find out what foods give you the chance not only to gain muscle but also to burn fat. Usually, simply reduce the intake of carbohydrates and replace them with proteins.
  • Increase muscle mass by lifting weights, requires some effort on your part. You should try to lift as much as you can within the limits of your capabilities.
  • Also do cardiovascular workout. The amount of calories you are eating doesn’t go away only with heavy lifting. However, do moderate workouts from 30 to 45 minutes. The aim is just to burn calories. Not worth it to reach a point of muscle breakdown.

As you can see it is very hard to achieve this balance. But if you think and plan everything with care you’ll see that you’ll obtain good results in a relative short time.

Also you can consult specialist to help you in achieving this balance.

If you already go to the gym you can probably get this help without even having to pay.

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