How to Pose? To Look More Attractive

Learn to pose to look more attractive, slim and interesting. Discover ways to pose as a model, called the one that suits you and emphasizes your strengths.

A rare gesture or poor posture may detract from a good pose. To pose, show off your best is next.

It is important to learn to pose to denote our best qualities and hide the defects of which we are not proud. There is no point a stunning dress or a hairstyle impressive if you know how to pose.

To help in this difficult task we have compiled the best tips to pose for photos or an event, pay attention.

turn your head to one side and look next to the photographer. It’s so popular this form of standing, that the term “make a DELETED” was made ​​fashionable by this actress.

A popular way is posing as Jennifer Lopez, who stands erect, with shoulders back and one leg slightly forward of the other.

You can also destcara Paz Vega style, posing side, one arm tucked and the other holding.

Another way of posing is like Cameron Diaz, who stands upright, sideways and with one hand on the waist.

Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton have a particular form of pose: slightly arch your body back and placed his hands on his hips.

Enough to pose naturally follow the example of Jennifer Aniston, who even does not leave too favored looks spontaneous standing with your arms straight and legs slightly apart.

Know, find out what your best side and studies the movements that suit you to feel comfortable and sexy. The famous know their best angles, so repeat the same pose over and over again in the events they attend.

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