How to Run Faster in a Short Amount of Time

This article will give you tips on how to increase your sprinting speed in a short amount of time.

           Lets face it. There are some people who are lightning fast and then there are those who are average at best. If you are a slow sprinter and have average speed at best, then the chances of you becoming an World Class Olympic Sprinter or running a 4.3 forty yard dash are slim to none. However, anyone can drastically improve their sprinting speed with training and technique. I’m going to give you insight on how to increase your sprinting speed in the shortest amount of time whether its for a sport or just recreational purposes.

          The fastest way to get better at sprinting in the shortest amount of time is by increasing your explosiveness. If you are very explosive, you are going to become faster because you can apply more force to the ground and push off harder thus accelerating your body mass from point A to point B. You can gain more explosiveness simply by performing plyometrics. Plyometrics are exercises that consist of jumps, leaps, springs, and bounds. These cause the muscles to react in a very quick manner to the force produced from this type of exercise thus recruiting more quick twitch muscle fibers. The more quick twitch muscle fibers you have, the more explosive you will be, thus resulting in increased sprinting speeds. The best plyometrics to perform are those that require you to jump straight up as high in the air as you can for a certain period time like 30 seconds. These types of exercises should be performed at maximum effort in order reap the most benefits from this form of training.

         I have provided a website for athletes and people looking to get faster and learn a variety of plyometrics that will help increase their sprinting speed. I suggest you visit and type plyometrics in the search engine for a list of articles on different plyometric exercises. This type of training is the best way to increase explosiveness which will greatly increase your speed in the shortest amount of time.

         Another great way to increase you speed is by incorporating Olympic lifts into a training regimen. These types of lifts require that you move a certain amount of weight at high speeds and velocities which in turn will make you faster. The best Olympic lift to incorporate into a weight lifting regimen is the power clean. This exercise can be done with a barbell and weight or dumbbells. This lift requires you to forcefully extend your hips, ankles, and legs in order to complete the exercise. As a result of this you will gain more explosive strength in your hips, legs, and ankles, 3 of the most important body parts used in sprinting. Strengthening these areas and making them more explosive will guarantee you increased sprinting speed and explosion not to mention more power throughout your body. Again, the website, provides an thorough explanation on how to perform the powerclean lift and other versions of like the hang clean or clean and jerk. These are very advanced training methods so I must warn you to ask your doctor before partaking in these types of training. Also I encourage you to practice these exercises only after you are warmed up and have had substantial experience performing these types of training.

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