Is It Ever Too Late to Exercise??

These thoughts I have put in written form is to give hope, for one, and to
eliminate the excuse,"i am too old to start a exercise program."

You are never too old to begin a exercise program, your approach,however,
will be different.

I don’t speak with without some background in this subject, some personal experience. I have been, and am, a

personal trainer for over twenty-five years with a specialty in senior programs. Countless times i have been

asked, “I am getting on in years Lisa, is this a waste of time?”  Of course not, is my quick answer, but please,

allow me to explain.

As of this writing, there is no evidence that says that states the benefits of resistance training stops when you

reach a certain age. The thing that is different is a few extra cautions that comes with the passage of time.

The first is with the passage of time comes medically related contraindications.  If you are 55 and above you

will really want to get your doctors okay before you begin a exercise program. Then seek the guidance of a

qualified fitness professional. 

Like everyone who begins a exercise program, you need to start slow and listen to your body.  Do your best

with every exercise session and then let go of the results.

Of course, when time passes, or when one is recovering from a injury, then the range of motion at a joint can

decrease. I would suggest that you pay special attention to flexibility exercises that help you maintain a

healthy range of motion in all joints.

Please don’t lose heart, everyone can find a way to give them themselves one of the richest gifts there is.

Better health, it is truly priceless.

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