Jillian Michaels is God

Jillian Michaels is God. Well sort of.

Lets face it, Jillian Michaels is the God of personal training. As a trainer myself whose “sort of Jillian” typish(no way could anyone ever be quite her)before I’ve ever known of her, I need to admit, she’s thankfully set the standard in this industry. She’s been the face and voice that I couldn’t be(I assure you…thankfully it’s her :) ), that has brought the fitness industry to its most exciting times, not since Arnold Schwarzenegger put weight training on the map. I have a martial arts and sporting background, so I’ve always trained with varied techniques, but she has been able to bring that to the forefront for everyone to see. Everyone at home has gotten a taste of what “elite” training ISthrough watching “The Biggest Loser.” She has brought the “real” training at its best and it doesn’t get any better than her. I’m proud to consider her the leader in this industry, because you’ve got to have her moxy to be able to do what she has. She absolutely nails it when it comes to the skills and tools to be a spokeswoman, to be on an outstanding show, to be that “real” as a TV personality and a life changing force for others. By watching her in action, you get a taste of what all of the principles for losing and keeping the weight off are. Those at home may not be able to hire a top name trainer as she or may not be able to afford a full-time trainer that can give you the attention that the shows contestants receive, but for some people, in order to safely lose an enormous amount of weight, it may be one of your life saving options. If your weight has been an ongoing issue, a “Jillian” may be your only way out. Here are some of the things that a trainer like her can bring into your life, while losing weight and leaving you feeling terrific:

-activity/exercise/weight training
-nutrition planning
-knowledge of all that it takes for success
-a lifetime plan
-challenges you’d never yourself take on
-getting to the core of your weight issues
-better health
-loving yourself
-living your dreams
-living life

Sometimes we need someone to push us beyond our comfort zone, to reach inside of us and free us of our pain or whatever it is that’s holding us back. She is the God of breaking people down and for some this has been the only answer. She has used her position very well in making a huge difference and impact on the lives of others. Thank you Jillian!

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