Love Handles, Belly Fat: Freeze It Away

A new procedure that freezes away belly fat is being introduced. Is it effective and how long does it take?

Freeze away those last 10 pounds of belly fat for a trimmer slimmer look? This is what a new procedure is claiming. On February 8, 2011, Nightline, a news show on ABC, did a segment on a new procedure for losing the fat. Freezing.

The segment, which can be viewed on the link at the bottom of this article, showed a woman having the procedure and what she looked like after 5 months. And yes there were noticeable results. All without surgery and pain. With this procedure there is no down time from work just love handles and mid-life belly fat reduced.

The procedure works the same way as butter. When butter is room temperature it is soft, but freeze it and it becomes a solid. The fat cells are frozen to a solid state and when they melt they exit the body in waste. The thought process is so simple you must be thinking “Why didn’t I think of that?”

As I was watching the segment I looked over at my husband and said “ How much do you think I can get for you?” Yes, if this freezing fat procedure works I am willing to sell my husband to have the process. Naturally, my question was ignored and my budget can’t afford the steep $750 to $1000 a session so I will have to wait for my fat freezing sessions.

Can you imagine if they start to franchise the freezing fat procedure and it becomes actually affordable. Men and women alike will be standing in line waiting to schedule an appointment as if Apple was selling a new iPhone. And no, I haven’t any pride. I will be the first in line but until then I will do my exercises and eat my healthy diet awaiting the day when I too can freeze my fat.

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  1. Lol. I might be there before you. It sounds a much easier job than trying to diet it away.


  2. $750 I rather use the money for food and rent. However, I found the idea very appealing. Most people don’t lose weight no matter what, and is not their fault.

  3. Kind of expensive isn’t it?

  4. I rested ice cold beers on my belly for years and the belly grows instead of diminishes.

  5. I thought there was only the thing called brain freeze. Fat freeze sounds quite chilling to bear. The price is chilling

  6. I think I’ll keep doing as you suggest. I will eat a healthy diet and do my exercise. I don’t understand how they can freeze the fat and exclude the rest of the body.

  7. I love this, how did I miss your article when it was first published! I can’t stop smiling at the way you’ve written it.

  8. I would sell my hubby too for a chance of getting rid of my paunch! :D

  9. Brilliant idea but I really don’t see much difference in the before and after pictures.

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