Manifest Your Perfect Body

Two simple steps to put the Law of Attraction in cruise control. Just like your face, your body is unique and wonderful pamper, it to super fitness. This fitness based on an emotional satisfaction first, then physical goals.

No diets, exercise programs, gyms, or magic pills. First, let’s go back to the very basics, just like in our personalities, looks and experiences no two of us are ever alike, therefore no program can be perfect. Some of us are less active, others prefer cardio, others are naturally slim, etc.

Here are my two suggestions:

  1. Legumes, preferably lentils, but beans of similar calories will do also. They are very cheap, packed with nutrients and super packed with fiber (which will clean your track). Buy them uncooked and prepare them yourself, without any salt, pepper, flavorings, etc. Replace as many meals as you can with just eating lentils. Try to at least eat only lentils (as much as you want) one full day a week. Eat them alone, nothing on the side, no rice, beef, salads, etc. By just one thing, you give your body a break, you also cleanse your palate and ironically, your mind will feel more aligned. Remember this is a practice of simplicity.
  2. Squats, preferably “Hindu Squats”, just look them up in “Youtube”. Start with five at a time, in the morning, and evening. I do them while I watch TV, and in every commercial break do ten. If you can do at least forty per day, you will have it covered, but trust me as your body responds, you will want to do more and will be attracted to other simple body-weight exercises.

These two additions to your life work in many more levels that you will ever be conscious of. Just imagine, going to the grocery store and bending down to pick up your bag of lentils and springing back up with incredible agility. Going to the bathroom and literally feeling the toxins leave your body. Seeing your skin fresher than ever. Not having cravings, not eating bad stuff and never feeling guilty again.

The real secret works through the Law of Attraction. As your emotions improve towards your eating habits and the relationship and opinion of your body, you will attract more elements into your life that will take you to your perfect body.

There’s only one “no-no”, do not do anything you “feel” uncomfortable with. If you are not in the mood for beans, do not force yourself. If you are too tired for your usual five or forty Hindu squats, let that day pass. Remember, you will feel the improvement before you see it, so don’t rush yourself. Love your body and let it respond at its own pace. You must relate the process with only positive experiences, feelings and expectations, that’s the true secret.

That’s it! I’ll see you super in a few months, as always, lots of light to you…and your unique body.

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  1. I like how you included the law of attraction.
    I think being able to let the day go if you didn’t achieve your goals is so important, it took me a while to figure that out. I always lost so much motivation and self-esteem if I missed a day, I was way to hard on myself.

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