Prepare for Spring with a Bikini-friendly Diet

Cold temperatures may still be lingering, but bikini season is just around the corner, and if you’re like the rest of us, your body may need a boost before you feel ready to walk onto a beach with very little coverage.

Get back in bikini shape quickly by eating metabolism-boosting foods (and staying away from excess sugar) and super-toning those highlighted areas.


  • Oatmeal and whole grains are filling foods that help quicken your metabolism and burn calories faster. Your metabolism will also benefit from more servings of milk, coffee, green tea and water. Just make sure you keep sugar out of those drinks.
  • Focusing on fruits and veggies will give your body extra nutrients and assist your metabolism as well. In particular, try to consume more apples, asparagus, blueberries, cabbage, carrots, celery, cucumbers, lemons, limes, oranges, spinach, sprouts and tomatoes.
  • Eliminate sugar. Sugary snacks are a hot bikini’s nemesis, so take them out of your diet whenever possible. Replace cookie and candy treats with naturally sweet fruits. Or, make healthy and satisfying smoothies with real fruit and Greek yogurt.


  • Continue your normal cardio routine, but realize that cardio workouts like running and biking won’t give you much tone. If you’re pushed for time, substitute 1-2 of your cardio workouts with strength training ones. You heart will still get the work it needs, and you’ll be able to target muscles and areas you want to show off this spring and summer.
  • Strength-training is a powerful workout, but it doesn’t have to be time consuming. If you can find 30-60 minutes three times a week, you can be ready for your new bikini in a matter of weeks.
  • Instead of cramming a whole body routine into one session, separate your workouts into upper body, lower body and core, and spend one day a week on each section.
  • Some of the most effective lower body exercises are lunges, squats and wall sits, all of which can be done with zero equipment at home. (Dumbbells may help you work harder, though). If you have access to gym equipment, consider also doing leg extensions and inner and outer thigh exercises.
  • Start your upper body workouts with several push-up varieties, including traditional and tricep, with a goal of eventually doing all of your reps from your toes. (Pssh. You and your bikini don’t need girl push-ups.) With dumb bells, do bicep curls, lateral and vertical arm raises and tricep extensions.
  • Slow and controlled leg lifts will help target your middle and lower abs better than crunches and sit ups alone, so make them an essential part of your routine. Also try holding planks and side planks for longer amounts of time as you advance.
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